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  • Has Jumped the Shark

    You know what's sad? I use to be a huge fan of his. Now I am just glad Sirius has more to offer then just him.

    What stinks is ever since the move to Sirius he has been nothing more vulgar toilet humor. Gross out humor and F-Bombs and C-words. I mean come on guys having sexy with a Siobahn the trans-sexual and a guy who likes to get puked on. What happened to the great bits of regular radio? and when is Howard going to learn that naked women can't be seen by his radio audience? Or that everyone really hates Ralph?

    It's just said, I think he needs limitations to be funny. Dancing around words is much funnier then just saying them
  • A unique character with a crude, yet charming since of humor!

    Howard Stern is a man who will say what others won't. He isn't afraid to ruffle a few feathers and anger conservative religious right groups everywhere. He is a man who is funny and talented, however that is not what people like about him. His sexual antics, and offensive jokes make fans laugh, but they aren't what set him apart. It's his ability to say what's on his mind and to tell it the way it is, is what really draws his fans to the radio. With his recent jump to satellite radio Stern has finally gotten a venue which is free of censorship and his publicly hated enemy the FCC. He has finally been able to truly speak his mind and will continue to be successful for years to come.
  • The best radio peronality in the history of radio.

    Howard Stern certainly has earned the moniker, "The King of All Media," as he has conquered radio, television, film and literature.

    While some may dislike Stern for his often raunchy daily radio show, many more people love him for the same reason and because they understand what makes him brilliant. That is, they realize that Stern is not actually advocating racist, cruel or sexist views. What he is doing is mocking people that truly are racist, cruel or sexist. Therein lies the beauty of his humor--he catches people at both ends of the spectrum--those that enjoy his sarcastic view of the world and those that enjoy his realistic view of the sarcastic viewers.
  • empty

    Howard is easily the best radio personality in the world and he has been for the past twenty plus years. "The Howard Stern Show" is better than ever now that it is on Sirius Satellite Radio. Anyone who doesn't get his brand of humor should probably not listen rather than complain.

    As for his acting, I thought he did a great job in "Private Parts." Yes, he was playing himself, but sometimes that is the hardest thing to do.
  • Stern represents the lowlife, tasteless, hypocritical radio personalities that have ever lent their voices to the medium

    Represents the loud mouth, hypocrite radio personalities we all come to know and despise.

    That’s Stern in a nutshell. Where do I start with loser? He didn’t amount to anything in life, basically by luck, he lands this radio show back in the 1980’s, he admits that half of his fans are bafoons. This is the same guy who professes to be different and yet copies all the stupid gimmicks we see on television.

    This is the same guy that professed to being a rebel, blah, blah and then when it came time to put his money where his mouth is he didn’t deliver. Case in point, the Dixie Chicks. When they made their message about George W. Bush, Stern is one of those people that said they did wrong. He later admitted later in satellite radio show that he was wrong. This guy is nothing more a hypocritical, spineless wimp that represents the loudmouth, obnoxious, idiotic radio personalities in the USA that really represent the deterioration of the radio medium in the last thirty years filled with guys like Rush Limbaugh, John and Jeff, Todd Lykis and other personalities.

    The good thing nowadays is that now he’s on Satellite, so people who want to hear him (and now the rest of us) have to pay to hear him spew his crap. I’ve listened to samples of his show and it’s pretty much the same garbage as before. There’s nothing else to be said about this guy. He’s not great, he’s not ground breaking, he’s nothing really. A classical example of the media labeling some loudmouth loser as controversial when really he’s just a blowhard spewing anything to anybody that will hear him.
  • Has anyone heard?>

    The best radio in the world is on howard 100 right now. Also he has his own network ondemand which plays clips from the show. You have to understand that he has taken it to a new level on sat. radio and if you are missing it you are missing history. The best part of the show so far have been the roast, they have top notch comics and I actually missed work to listen to the Gary roast. The other shows on sat. radio are great and there is something for everyone. So if you dont have it get it you wont be sorry.