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  • Stern represents the lowlife, tasteless, hypocritical radio personalities that have ever lent their voices to the medium

    Represents the loud mouth, hypocrite radio personalities we all come to know and despise.

    That’s Stern in a nutshell. Where do I start with loser? He didn’t amount to anything in life, basically by luck, he lands this radio show back in the 1980’s, he admits that half of his fans are bafoons. This is the same guy who professes to be different and yet copies all the stupid gimmicks we see on television.

    This is the same guy that professed to being a rebel, blah, blah and then when it came time to put his money where his mouth is he didn’t deliver. Case in point, the Dixie Chicks. When they made their message about George W. Bush, Stern is one of those people that said they did wrong. He later admitted later in satellite radio show that he was wrong. This guy is nothing more a hypocritical, spineless wimp that represents the loudmouth, obnoxious, idiotic radio personalities in the USA that really represent the deterioration of the radio medium in the last thirty years filled with guys like Rush Limbaugh, John and Jeff, Todd Lykis and other personalities.

    The good thing nowadays is that now he’s on Satellite, so people who want to hear him (and now the rest of us) have to pay to hear him spew his crap. I’ve listened to samples of his show and it’s pretty much the same garbage as before. There’s nothing else to be said about this guy. He’s not great, he’s not ground breaking, he’s nothing really. A classical example of the media labeling some loudmouth loser as controversial when really he’s just a blowhard spewing anything to anybody that will hear him.