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    • His Favorites are...
      Food: Asian
      Color: Purple
      Music: Bobby Brown, Jon Secada
      Book: The Firm by John Grisham
      Movie: The Outsiders
      Film Star: Tom Hanks

    • -Tries the local food when visiting foreign cities
      -Was named "Mr. Neat" by the group
      -Loses his luggage a lot
      -Is also known as "Mr. Mediator" - settling arguments within the group
      -Loves to go clubbing
      -Wears a baseball cap so he won't be recognized
      -Does push-ups and stomach crunches before going to bed
      -Had the same voice coach as A.J.
      -Videotapes everyone when the Boys are on tour
      -Admits he's a perfectionist
      -Is the one who hits those high notes

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