Howie Gordon

Howie Gordon


1/7/1971, Chicago,Illinois

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Howie was born in Chicago. He enjoyed the outdoors and animals. By the time Howie was 10, him and his family moved to California and then Florida. In his early 20's,He attended Southern Illinois University. To make some extra money,he became a stripper.The next year he went…more


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    • Howie told that his favorite Star Wars character is Anakin, before he became Darth Vader.

    • In a post BB6 interview, Howie said that he regretted sending Eric home over Magie when Kaysar was HOH.

    • In a post BB6 interview, Howie named James as the best chess player in the BB6 house, and himself as the worst.

    • In a post BB6 interview, Howie said "High and Dry" the POV competition in week #2 was his favorite because he felt like superman flying around the backyard.

    • Howie explained to how he came up with the insulting nickname of "Busto" for April when he said " 'Busted' is a term from South Florida for a girl without a good face — We had the Big Bosomed Blonde in Janey, and I was calling April the Big Bosomed Busted Blonde of Big Brother. That's a big line, a lot of terminology there, so I shortened it to 'Busto.' Does my song [sung to the tune of 'Bingo'] make it on air? There was a girl who had no face and Busto was her name-o. B-U-S-T-O...."

    • Howie told that he appreciated winning his light sabors more than any food competition.

    • In a post BB6 interview, Howie said that he was most happy to see James leave the BB6 house before he did because of his knack for winning POV's.

    • After arriving in the BB6 house for the first time, Howie said "The Big Brother selection of ladies this year took a big step up!"

    • While on BB6 Howie said "I thought I was going to get some sleeping time, or massage time, with Sarah, if you know what I mean." upon finding out that she and James were a couple.

    • After winning Head of Household in episode 12 of BB6, Howie mocks the prior week's cheers of "Let's do it for Cappy!" by saying "Let's do it for Kaysar!!! This is for Kaysar!"

    • While in the BB6 house Howie said "I think April did a great job of quitting smoking - when she ran out of cigarettes!"

    • While making his choices for nominations in episode 13 of BB6, Howie says, "With great power comes great responsibility." which is from the comic book "Spider-Man."

    • While in the BB6 house, Howie says "I think James and Ivette are a more lethal pair than James and Sarah."

    • While in the BB6 house Howie said "I want Kaysar to come back and think for me again."

    • While in the BB6 house Howie says "How do you feel that America hates you, April?"

    • While in the BB6 house Howie says about April, "If she starts going back to her old ways, Hurricane Howie may have to storm over Busto Island."

    • During Beau's week as HOH he received a picture of his sister, about whom Howie said "Beau, your sister's a Piece of Ass. She's a P.O.A.!"

    • While in the BB6 house Howie said "To all my fans out there, don't be upset if I leave, because I'll get to hang out with Jenny in the tropics."

    • Howie adds to the long line of "Kryptonite" references in Big Brother history by using it to compare how strong James is in the game by saying "I tried Kryptonite on him, and he's immune to that."

    • While in the BB6 house Howie sings a song about April, saying "B-U-S-T-O and Busto was her name-o."

    • While in the BB6 house, Howie said "I don't trust the nerd herd any more than I can throw Maggie on her big fat ass."

    • While in the BB6 house Howie said "I only get one day in my room..." upon hearing that it was a Double Eviction week.

    • While in the BB6 house Howie said to Janelle, "We're going to Vegas, baby! And you're picking all of my numbers," because of all the prizes she'd won on the show.

    • While in the BB6 house Howie said to James "What do you got in here? All those vetos?" about his packed bags the night he was evicted.

    • While in the BB6 house Howie said "Hurricane Howie has kinda fizzled out into Horrible, Harmless Howie. I'm a waste of a nomination, a waste of an eviction, and I'm a waste of an HoH week. Plus, I'm a great motivational speaker. I mean, I lit up April like a Christmas tree. And now she's winning challenges all throughout the month of August."

  • L O S E R ! !

    I am still shocked that America could ever consider this loser to be an all-star. Howie Gordon is an egotistical jerk who has done nothing for Big Brother but prove that the producers have tried to fill the Big Brother house with the biggest jerks they could find.

    The one thing I can look forward to is once Big Brother All Star has completed it's summer run that Howie Gordon will finally fade away into the reality sunset and it won't be a minute to early as I think America is sick and tired os talentless loser who obviously can not hold a real job in thsi world and needs the Big Brother house to prove what a loser he really is!

  • Hilarious.

    Howie is hilarious the guy makes me laugh and I couldn't imagine the show without him. Even though I don't think his move while HOH was a good one his personality is awesome. His sense of humor is so carefree and out there twisted that I crack up laughing everytime he makes one of his comments. Love the guy.