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  • Manslaughter NO-Intoxication Manslaughter YES

    Why does Howie Long and other anchors continue the cultural reduction of the true charges. It has been stated several times both on this show and others that Brent was charged with Manslaughter which is not true. The Irving Police Dept. charged Brent with Intoxication Manslaughter. Once again, the general public wants to make this a lesser violent wreck. This is not manslaughter by the legal diffinitions- it is intoxication manslaughter. Why are people trying to fall into the mindset of making this violent wreck less than what it is -he when out knowing that he was going to drink and then get behind the wheel to drive home. It is not an accident, even more since it was stated that these players have a safe way home through their team providing safe rides. Please quit stating an untrue statement on National TV. This is truely the most preventable death or injury on Earth. It should not be happening at all, but here in Texas it is no big deal. You are falling into that mentally.