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  • Waiting to tango with Howie

    I would love to be on his show. I,m a Canadian, but I,m in Panama City Beach Florida for the winter. No one now's how bad the devastation in Panama City, Mexico Beach, Callaway, St. Joe's beach is until you see it in person. I have friends that lost there places. If I got on his show I would help out a lot more than I,'ve been trying to. HOWIE I,D REALLY REALLY LIKE TO BE ON YOUR SHOW .
  • Seeing my Real Mother

    Hey, I'm Kelly B. and I'm 14 years old, currently living in Ohio. I haven't seen my mother, Kathy Moongold, since I was around 5 years old. I have no idea what she looks like. The last thing I remember is she lived in Bucyrus, but then heard that her house flooded, and now I have no idea where she is located or even if she is alive. I was told by my father and his girlfriend that I was not able to see her because they didn't want me to. To me, this is extremely important. My dad or his girlfriend don't know I'm typing this right now. My dads girlfriend doesn't like my real mom because she thinks she is a "bad influence", but I don't understand what they think is so bad. I just really want to meet her and make sure she's okay. I might have a sister or another brother I don't even know about....
  • Gay Flash Mob

    I was wondering if you would consider doing a Flash Mob Wedding Proposal again. My Partner and I are planning on getting married. He is coing out of an abusive relationship and I want to Marry him. I am not an abusive person and all and I want to make sure his life is as perfect as it possible can. Can someone help?
  • Una Tradicin a Punto de Perderse.

    Hola, soy mexicano y cada ao realizo un evento masivo llamado " Disconcierto " en mi ciudad natal, Zacatepec, Morelos, Mxico. el evento es con msica disco de los 70s, 80s, como podra sorprender a muchas familias y persona de mi pueblo con un espectculo como el de ustedes, que solo lo vemos por vdeo o en pelculas, claro, no contamos con el dinero para contratar a un espectculo como el de ustedes, como puedo hacerlo ? antes de que se pierda esta tradicin que lleva mas de 20 aos


    HELLO HOWIE MANDEL, nice to meet you, my name is jannina, howie i know than u have many cases to meet, but i need your help about my relationship with the person more special than i meet from 1 year, but him live FAR, everyday we talk on skype him is muslim, but live in dubai, and i live in colombia, really we love to much and have plane for marrie but sometime we see our situation so complicated about our distance, i want propose to him marriage, pls howie help me, i know than you can , thanks this is my email-
  • Hope you see me, I will not disappoint you. Pray!

    My name is Tran Cong Quynh, my nationality is Vietnam, I was born in 1996. I can see your program and because it is that I want to have one request.

    I earnestly desire you will recruit me to do in your program. I want to do my bit to bring one joy to those who participate in the program, and even I myself have "things not to say" needs revealed in the program when conditions ripen.

    I can do everything, makeup, graphic design, music composition (improvisation), writing poetry, comedy, rap, painting, and the work that I did - still going continue - and will develop it that is director. I make movies since I was 15 years old.

    I have many scripts and want their patrons to be able to find yourself a medium to express. I want you to know that, Howie Mandel! I want the program would bring me to America and gave me a good working environment. Hope you will verify what I say when you meet me.

    Economic My family is very poor, but I want the hunger for success and his burning dream will help me shine.

    I urgently you give me the opportunity to meet you. Please contact me.

    My Phone Number: +841 629 427 703.

    My email: -

    My facebook address:

    I thank you very much, Howie Mandel!

  • You probably think you've seen it all ....

    Hey Howie Mandel

    I saw the show with the father and son

    Not seen each other for 37 years .....

    I know a woman with a story that knock you out of the chair!!!

    You probably think you've seen it all --- this is a story not only give you The Chills

    This story will make you cry like a child, I promise you!!.

    Sends you a message on Facebook.

  • My moms ring

    Dear Howie,

    My mom lost her wedding ring and can't seem to find it. My dad was wanting to make a very special surprise by giving her a new one. If you can E-mail me back at . My dad and I would be very greatful to have you help making this special moment in her life turn into a dream.

    Colby Schmidt
  • intentions made for eternity

    Hello Howie,

    My name is Marvin I am very pleased to send you this email, I think what you and your crew accomplish for those whom are either less fortunate and for those that you give out a chapter of a new life on how to see things are works of wonders and I congratulate you and your crew for everything that you done for each and everyone that you by far have changed their lives. I hope that one day, can be considered to be one of those lucky persons. I tried once, and it was an awesome feeling to be able to accomplish work like yours, to be honest I did not even know anything about the mobbed not until I saw a proposal and marriage on the same time really touched my heart. I wish I could do that for my boyfriend. What I did for him was slightly the same as your show portrays, I am in the navy and working out schedules as for going away for leave is difficult but regardless I had a gut feeling to go and surprise my boyfriend in Australia with out him knowing. he too is in the navy but we belong to different ships so where we go is totally different. so even if I was only going to see him for only a few days I still did it, I surprised him at a winery tour he was going to attend, after all the digging for information I managed to find out the time he was arriving and was successful. I showed up 20 mins before he arrived, set up an I pad to do the recording and had talked to the staff that was hosting the tour to help me out. So how it broke down was like this: his name was called out to come forward and as soon as he arrive the counter the staff told him that they have something for him and handed him roses, followed by a not I had just written that said, " Babe I hope that you enjoy your winery tour and wish I could be here, I am always thinking about you, I love you,, Love, Marvin ps look to your right, and t here I this is how much I love this man and for such a long time I have not ever come across a person as great as him, he makes me feel that content with a person does exist and eternity with one is one with him, I want to marry this man and I want to be able to express it in the same manner as what your show does, if it would be possible it would be awesome I love this man so much that I tell him that i hope you never get tired of me telling you how much I love and adore you. yup
  • my daughters dream

    dear howie mandel, my daughters dream is to meet ariana grande we live in Honduras my messenger is could you please do my daughters dream come reality??? my daughter is 12 and I would do anything for her, please write me soon!!!!
  • The host of NBC's Deal or No Deal!

    Yes it's Howie Howdy "Howie Mandel". The host of Deal or No Deal. Yes when Howie says "We'll be right back after these commericials", can't wait for what's going to happen next, it's just that it's lame we have to wait. But it doesn't matter.

    Howie Howdy is a great host, even myself will put him in American Idol, and that would be really funny. Keep up the Howie Howdy job, Howie Howdy. Maybe someday I will be on Deal or No Deal, and we can meet. This is a Howie Mandel (person) review of the host of NBC's Deal or No Deal.
  • Howie Mandell is a perfect host for Deal or no Deal.

    Howie is a super funny, and Canadian comedian. And he's now the host of Deal or no Deal. HE pulls off the most annoying break links however just when suspence is building which is hilarious also. I also think Howie is saying all of those funny but mean jokes after he talks with the banker because he's not on the phone long enogh with him. I also noticed he hates being totched by people. . . . Anyways he's a hilarious person and I can't see why pepople would hate him. If you've never seen him you've gotta. The easiest way to see him is on NBC's Deal or no Deal.
  • I love Howie Mantel too. He is so kind and considerate of his guests. Especially when he introduces everyone.

    Howie loves what he is doing. More shows Howie please
    deal or no deal He dresses nice. He does not hesitate to let the guests know what he thinks. Wondering if he is married, single etc.I think it is so important to like what you do and Howie does just that.
  • I just love Howie Mandel.

    Crazy, funny, and just plain cool. Howie Mandel is one of the best comics of all time. And now he hosts Deal or no Deal. And his stand-up acts are the bomb man. Howie kicks total ass. He rules, and I hope to see more stand up acts from him soon.
  • Very funny as well as sweet!

    I love that show Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel
    He also can be funny and most of all, is helping people
    With the disease or better yet, that disorder he has.
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!
    Glad that he is getting help but also that he is enjoying quite a comeback with DOND! Good for Howie!
    Have loved since St Elsewhere!