Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan


1/10/1974, Mumbai, India

Birth Name

Hrithik Roshanlal Nagrath


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Hrithik Roshan is a well-known prized Bollywood actor. As a child artist, he appeared in the movie Aasha as an extra. Then, he proceeded to perform minor roles in Aap Ke Deewane (1980) and Bhagwan Dada (1986) Soon enough, he became the assistant director in the production…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • At one time, Hrithik Roshan had a severe stammering problem, which he fought hard to overcome, and triumphed in doing so.

    • A poster created and used by the Democratic Alliance in South Africa in November 2000 to woo Indian voters caused controversy for Hrithik Roshan in January 2001, when it made use of his face without Roshan's approval. The ANC, outraged at this, threatened to ban his films.

    • Hrithik Roshan has been recording his daily life for numerous years by taking pictures and putting them in scrapbooks.

    • At age 21, Hrithik Roshan was diagnosed with scoliosis and told he could never be an actor, dancer and do all the things a Bollywood hero needs to do.

    • Hrithik Roshan was presented the "National Citizen's Award" on August 25, 2001 in Delhi. The award acknowledges distinction in various deeds affecting national life.

    • Hrithik Roshan is the son-in-law of Bollywood superstar Sanjay Khan.

    • Hrithik Roshan has a first-class graduate degree in Economics and Commerce.

    • Hrithik Roshan attended Sydneham College.

    • Hrithik Roshan has won at least five Filmfare Awards.

    • Hrithik Roshan and his wife had their first child, a baby boy, on March 28, 2006 at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, India. The child was named Hrehaan.

    • Hrithik Roshan is the son of acclaimed award-winning Bollywood director, Rakesh Roshan.

    • In 2001, a rumour stating Roshan made scandalous comments pertaining to Nepal and its residents angered many people in the country. This soon lead to protests by students, in which four people were killed.

    • Sussanne and Hrithik had their first child named Hrehaan on March 28, 2006.

    • He had his first movie role when he was six.

    • Hrithik Roshan is married to his high school sweetheart Sussanne Khan, who is now Sussanne Roshan.

    • Hrithik has a supernumerary thumb on his right hand, which means he has an extra thumb.

  • Quotes

    • Hrithik Roshan: I was raised to the level of the best and the most famous without anybody being responsible enough to judge whether it was deserved or not!

    • Hrithik Roshan: I think its important to have the looks to some extent but its what's inside you which people get to see and that's what makes someone popular or unpopular. So I think it's not the looks in my case but it's my work as an artist, which has earned me the respect of the people at large.

    • Hrithik Roshan: I believe God exists because he gives me signs. You can call it a coincidence but I consider them signs. I am not superstitious but I keep looking for signs. And at those times when I have asked for a sign with all my heart, I have usually got it. That could because of the child inside me. It's fun to believe in these, so why stop?

    • Hrithik Roshan: When the cover of a magazine claimed me 'Finished' the edition completely sold out and the same magazine used my face on its cover in the next two issues.

    • Hrithik Roshan: Please don't make my face the biggest one in the banner if I'm not playing the central character. I think its wrong to fool the audience by saying Hrithik Roshan is the hero, come and watch the film. That's cheating.

    • Hrithik Roshan: At times I miss my privacy. But only for five minutes. Then I remind myself that it is a very small price for what I have got.

    • Hrithik Roshan: I am not going to lose sight of the ground because someday, I will have to be back on it.

  • I find Roshan to be extremely good looking, he is one of those bollywood hotties :D!

    Hrithik Roshan is ever so talented, and has done successful in so many movies, I do not know where to begin. He definetly gorgeous. From his movies, you can tell that he really gets into character, and judging by the spectactular, realistic performance he gives, he takes his job very seriously. I do wish to mention that he has an amazing body as well. ;)! Hrithik Roshan never disappoints, and hopefully, I can speak for all bollywood fans when I say this. He has won so many awards, and he deserves, because of all the effort that he puts into his acting. Roshan is a very talented actor, and his movies never let me down.moreless