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  • Oh Dear

    I am absolutely in love with Hugh Dancy. He is perfect and I just can't even... He can do feels. He can act. I want to hug him and kiss him and cling to him.... Though he is waaaay older then me. I wish to at least meet him and ask him to do a romeo and juliet play with me
  • Bloody fantastic!

    Wow…who is this fantastic actor that just embodies the character that he is?
    In The Evening, he is a broken hearted soul, torn between his feelings for his best male and female friend, struggling to find a life with meaning, to be immortal. He was Buddy and my heart was broken with each swallow of alcohol he took, with each pained expression he delivered, with each line he exchanged.
    In Jane Austen's Book Club, a decidedly much lighter fare, he shines as well, playing the "nice" guy, biding his time as he tries to woo a reluctant friend. Hugh Dancy, admittedly attractive, can play the role of a charismatic, loving, broken, persistent man well and time will only tell how much more versatile he can get. He's already bloody fantastic!
  • Gorgeous looks and talented is a tough combination to beat.

    Hugh is very much one of the up-and-coming stars at the moment.

    I first seen Hugh in a guest appearance on Relic Hunter where he also had a french accent (a language which he is also fluent in). I really liked him in this role, but didn't see him again until I seen his wonderful performance in Daniel Deronda.

    Hugh as Daniel Deronda showed his acting in a different light and he performed this period piece with absolute perfection and grace.

    My favourite line though of the acting I have seen comes from his performance in Ella Enchanted when he is asked if he is a good runner and he replies - "Not particulary".

    A wonderful actor who I believe has a long career ahead of him - I would love to see him in another period piece.