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  • The Great Ed Lane

    Whew! Those eyes are so intense, the shaved head, the 'cool pants', he carries big guns and he sings! what more could we ask for!! He is totally believable as the Great Ed Lane, my Hero!!!!! He is the total package!!!
  • evrrythingabouthimmmmm

    i absolutely LOVE him :)
  • Hugh Dillon is the hottest man, hottest singer and hottest actor to come along in a long time.

    I think Hugh Dillon is not only one of the best actors around and one of the best singers but he is also handsome, cute (especially when he smiles)and he has got to be the SEXIEST man today. Flashpoint is such a good show, CBS should consider it their gem. I don't understand why it's not a regular series. Also, Durham County is another great series, why wasn't it on regular TV. Hugh is wonderful in Flashpoint and he is fantastic in Durham County(I have the DVD's). I also have the DVD's for Flashpoint and many of his movies I was able to buy or download.
  • Mixing music and film. Hugh's new solo CD.

    Hugh has a very cool solo CD out...kinda like a cross between Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. Introspective without being preachy. But it's all Hugh...growing up without selling out. He's gotten some of his tracks related to his TV show so you might have been already been teased by him. On his interview on Q TV it was very humble of him for crediting his wife for getting him through all the trashy life he went regrets, just time to move on. And mixing film with music...there's not many out there that get both right. Rock 'on Hugh, life's too short.
  • He had me at "Ed Lane"!

    I am a "Flashpoint" lover, and a lot of it has to do with how well all of the characters, but especially Dillon's "Ed Lane", come to perfect life in every episode. It appears CBS didn't get that memo, but fortunately for those of us here in Canada and other countries who HAVE networks who picked it up for a third season, we will get to see the further development of Ed Lane an his buddies in arms.

    I have to say that Hugh's "Durham County" is a funky little story that I have had difficulty getting into, but the eye candy factor is very high. He also had an interesting recurring role on the ill-fated but wonderful sci-fi series "ReGenesis" which is actually where I first saw him deliver a character.

    I did not see, but can imagine his comic turn in the terribly tasteless and utterly base movie, "Trailer Park Boys". I think he would have been good, but its just not my kind of thing, so I will have to settle for uber-cop, "Ed Lane" for now. And I can manage that one quite nicely, thank you!
  • Hugh Dillion has become my favorite actor. He is one hunk of a man. The bald head and thoses eyes wow. Hugh keep up the good work. I have read where about 4 yrs. ago you were one bad dude. Glad you came around to the right side now.

    I think all of the programs I have seen of Flashpoint is GREAT can't wait to see the second season. Please CBS pick it up. I think Hugh Dillion is the one caring the show his cute smile and thoses dreamy eyes and that bald head can drive a woman crazy. Don't care if at one time you were called a bad dude. At least you got your act together. I have been hunting all the programs you have done. Like you with out the hair, please keep it shaved it makes you so sexy. Wish I could get the DVD