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    • Hugh Dillon: (about his love for "Durham Country") The best analogy I can give is that when I started out in music, listening to Nirvana, I thought: 'This is going to change the face of music.' And that's how I feel about this show. I think it could change Canadian television.

    • Hugh Dillon: I've been really fortunate to have found my way in both music and acting.

    • Hugh Dillon: I used to always think everything's easy but it isn't. Anything worthwhile is a struggle.

    • Hugh Dillon: I'd always been interested in acting. In high school - it goes back that far - I had a great dramatic arts teacher, and I just loved it. But the music took me somewhere else, and I just couldn't devote my time to acting. But I grew up fascinated with movies and music, and that's all I've ever really cared about, other than, you know, my wife.

    • Hugh Dillon: (about "Durham County") I hate to say this, but it's true - we all, and my friends in the States, we all tend to think: 'Oh, it's Canadian' and you know, there's a sense of disappointment there sometimes, but this shatters that. It is so risky and so dangerous but it's also beautifully artistic and poetic. It's groundbreaking. It's a gift to Canadian television in terms of this show isn't complacent, this show is dark and hard-hitting and it's writer-driven. It tells a great story that needs to be told.

    • Hugh Dillon: I'm one of those guys who'll wait until the last... Procrastination's a wild fucking thing.

    • Hugh Dillon: We've got a lot of songs and now it's the difficult part of paring down. Personally, if it were up to me, I'd release a double record, but we can't, so... There's gonna be 13 songs and they're all really good songs, like I'm just excited about playing them. I like the way they're written, they're the kind of thing you do, like after you write a piece, and you read it back and you can't believe you did it, it's that good. I don't know how I did it, I fluked out, but it's good. These songs just came out of nowhere and just flew in and we nailed 'em.

    • Hugh Dillon: Writing songs is great because it gets you off your ass and you have to do it.

    • Hugh Dillon: It's just totally organic...It's the essence of rock 'n' roll... It's got more to do with the songwriting than with the show.