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Hugh Fraser (II) Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Hugh's father-in-law, Jeremy Hawk, guest starred in The ABC Murders, a Poirot episode, as Deveril! Hugh has a scene with him.

    • Hugh was the narrator of Safety Tips for Kids, a short that argues that more children suffer because of their parents than they do due to accidents.

    • Originally, Hugh was only offered a ten episode contract for Poirot, but the show was a success and he continued to appear in it.

    • Hugh first came into the Sharpe series in the third episode, Sharpe's Company. He replaced David Troughton, who had played Wellington in Sharpe's Rifles and Sharpe's Eagle.

    • Hugh is in most Poirot episodes, but he has not appeared in one since 2001's Murder in Mesopotamia. This is because the writers want to stay true to the stories, and not add Hastings in where he is not in the original books.

    • Hugh attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, or LAMDA.

    • Hugh's first film role was in The Ritz as a long-haired hippie!

    • One of Hugh's earliest credited appearances is in the film The Duellists, but the actual part he played is unknown.

    • In addition to playing Captain Hastings in Poirot, Hugh has done several audio adaptations of the stories.

    • When Hugh got sick of theatre in the early 1980's he briefly became a rock musician, writing and performing original songs! However, he soon returned to acting.

    • The creators of Poirot thought he would be great for the role of Hastings, but he was too young. Because of this, makeup was applied to age him and his hair was dyed for the episodes.

    • Before Poirot, Hugh worked with David Suchet on The Missionary and Reilly: Ace of Spies.

    • When they are not filming, the cast of Poirot (David Suchet, Hugh, Philip Jackson, and Pauline Moran) see each other, as they are all good friends.

    • Fraser is a zealous non-smoker. In fact, the scripts for Poirot had to be embellished because of this fact, because in the original stories Captain Hastings smokes.

  • Quotes

    • Hugh Fraser: (on his fake nose in Sharpe) I like hot weather and sunshine so I was very happy to be out on location for Sharpe but my nose didn't appreciate the temperature so much and it posed quite a problem for the make-up team. We tried various adhesives but the problem was that the heat built up between my nose and the false nose. We were constantly trying to stop the flow of sweat and soon realised that each nose had a life of about seven hours in the heat. At the end of filming last year the noses were stolen so we had heavy nose security this year but even that didn't stop my stock of about 40 noses from going missing. There was a terrible panic one day because the make-up artist thought she had lost them. An all night search took place but luckily they turned up back where they should have been. I think someone must have taken them to a party!