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    Hi All,

    Please familiarise yourselves with the submission guidelines posted in the TV.com Guidelines Center found in the General user support forum before submitting information to this guide.

    Below are the person submission guidelines from the Guideline Center as a reminder, but please be sure to read the full guidelines using the link above.

    If you have read the guidelines and still have a question about a submission, please feel free to PM me.


    TV.com Person Submission Guidelines

    TV.com Person Submission Guidelines


    Place of Birth, Full Name, Birth Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Cause of Death, etc., should all be submitted here rather than as Trivia.

    A brief Biography should sum up the person’s career,have unique content rather then restate material already on the page, and be roughly 50+ words long and contain two or more sentences.

    Copy / Paste Material

    As per Terms of Use, all material submitted unless otherwise noted must be the contributor’s own content, and stated in their own words. If the bulk of at least one sentence can be found on another site using a search engine, the submission will be rejected.

    You should provide a specific source for all material. If there is a URL, provide the complete URL (rather than just "wikipedia"). If you don't and staff can't verify the information, your submission will be rejected with a request for the source.

    Stick to facts about the person’s life, not yours or anyone else’s opinions. Don’t use exclamation marks on Trivia and Biography entries. Alternately, if you’re citing a source for a commonly held opinion, provide that source. Vague statements like "People think" or "Critics say" are not acceptable.

    Unacceptable: Frank Jones is the greatest actor of all time!
    Acceptable: Readers in the March 2005 issue of Entertainment Weekly voted Frank Jones the greatest actor of all time.

    Movie / TV / Play Titles

    Movie, TV, and play show titles must be italicized, bolded, or in quotation marks as per tv.com standards. If one of these formats is already in use on the page, stick with that.

    Outside of quote identifiers, do not italicize, bold, or otherwise special format names of people, institutes, etc.

    Always assume the reader knows nothing about the person you’re writing for and what they’ve been in. Even if they’re in a single show, that may change in the future.

    Unacceptable: Bob was chosen because he impressed the director with his skills.
    Acceptable: Bob was chosen for the role of "Jim Bob" on Who Wants to Be a Pig Farmer? because he impressed director Samantha Smith with his pig-slopping skills.


    Quotes should be interesting and give the readers insight about the person’s life, values, beliefs, etc. As with Trivia, submitting 20 Quotes is often as bad as submitting none.

    Quotes can be cut-n-pasted for the purposes of accuracy, and as copyright law does not cover public statements. Q&A-type copyrighted interviews belonging to web sites, magazines, etc., in part or in whole, are not acceptable. Wholesale cut-n-paste from another site's copyrighted database is not acceptable.

    Quotes should always be formatted to tv.com standards. The name is bolded using HTML start and end tags, the colon is not. At least one space follows the colon. The quotation itself is not in quotation marks. Contextual material is italicized and separated from the bulk of text using brackets or parentheses. If another format is use on the page, please correct it.

    If you are changing a quote's format to make it consistent with the majority of the quotes on the page, please note that in Comments.

    Quotes should be the person’s own words about their own life or someone who influenced their life. Quotes from their TV shows and/or movies are typically not acceptable (see below). Reviewer comments about the person are not acceptable.

    Quotes from a person’s books, scripts, stand-up routines, stage performances, etc., are not acceptable except for one or two well-known quotes or catch phrases.

    Provide context for the quote. An actor talking about "he," "she," "my show," etc., means nothing to most readers.

    Unacceptable: Joe Smith: He is my idol and inspiration.
    Acceptable: (about George Washington) Joe Smith: He is my idol and inspiration.

    Reference to Time Submissions

    All material submitted should be in complete sentences. This includes a subject noun (the person’s first name, full name, or simply he/she) and a period at the end of the sentence.

    General submissions with no reference to time should be reworded. The words "currently" and "recently" and "now" tell the reader nothing about when the event occurred.

    Unacceptable: Is currently married to Mary Jo
    Acceptable: As of 2006 he is married to Mary Jo Smith.


    Trivia should be obscure but interesting. Keep in mind that not all readers may be fans of the person, and submitting 20 Trivia items is often as bad as submitting none. As with quotes, taking another site's copyrighted compilation/database of trivia is a violation of tv.com policy and copyright.

    Trivia should typically be about the person you’re submitting for. Unless it has a direct bearing on the person’s life, what their mother, grandfather, dentist, etc., did is not acceptable.

    Trivia should be confirmed facts, not rumors. News about future events is iffy and it's typically better to wait until such events have occured and can be confirmed.

    Do not submit mailing addresses and off-site URLs

    Please do not submit "Trivia" that can be easily determined by information already on the page such as birthdate (i.e., astrological signs, year of high school graduation, their current age, etc.).

    Whenever possible, all related material should be combined into a single submission. This refers primarily to brief one-line items, but can include taking a Biography and breaking it up into separate Trivia submissions. This includes but is not limited to: movies and roles, sporting statistics and awards, physical description, family members, discographies, and favorites.

    Unacceptable: (three separate submissions) "He played in the World Series in 1992."
    "He played in the World Series in 1993." "He played in the World Series in 1994."
    Acceptable: He played in the World Series from 1992-1994.

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