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    Hugh Grant is a very charming actor. He has played in quite a lot of movies, most of the time he played the same, kind of sweet, good looking guy.
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    High Grant is pretty much always in girly movies where he is the guy whom the firl falls for. I don't think his acting is anything too special.
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    Hugh Grant is the guy that ever guy wants to be. He's a movie star, good looking and has been with many beautiful women. He is also a very convincing actor. While he does seem to play the same role in every one of his films, he pulls it off very well.
  • one of the best!

    hugh grant has been in the business for quite a while now.. but no matter what, i think i will always remember him as the guy who the more you mess with his hair, the better he looks. watching him in notting hill made me just love him more.. i mean, how could someone who's wearing a plain shirt look absolutely delicious and carry it so well?!! his charm is absolutely effortless.. he's good in drama and comedy and now, he's a singer in music and lyrics. wow! im just sad that he isn't as visible as he was before nonetheless, it just makes me look forward to him even more! i hope he marries me.. lol
  • A brithis actor a cut above the rest

    I will watch any of his movies. No matter how bad his co stars might be he makes the movie worth watching. he is very charming and sauve. The whole, \'I dont care\' attitude he is so good at potraying is why he is so sensational. We havent even got into his accent. His brithish aura adds to his charisma. I belive his acting is superb, though all the charectors he potrayes are almost alike he makes each one seam different. I have enjoyed About a boy, Love actualy and Two weeks notice because he was in them. All in all Hugh Grant is an excelent actor