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  • His voice comes out deep and clear. He is presented in a clean-cut manner, but when you see him interviewed on the V for Vendetta DVD, he is scraggily. Past films Hugo doesn't have an accent, even in England on V. I understand that he is from Australia.

    I just rented V for Vendetta and this is where I found out how great of a voice the guy has. The Matrix series showed how cool the guy could be. I wasn't impressed with him in The Lord of the Rings series so much, but hey, I would call it heavy Drama which I am not so much into. I am going to keep more of an eye out for Hugo in the future.
  • V For Vendetta

    Hugo Weaving is recent favorite of mine. I first dsicovered him in V For Vendetta, a big favorite of mine, and was so impressed with his performance. Having to act through out an entire movie from behind a mask had to taken some serious skill. He deserves big kudos. While I didn't happen to catch him in the Matrix trilogy (not my kind of films) I really loved him in the lesser know film Bedrooms and Hallways, it really showcased him charm.