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  • Loved him until "The Nick Accident".

    One of the best wrestler of all time. Not a bad actor. Hope all is well for him and his family.
  • Hulk Hogan was my favorite wrestler since I was little. I watched him since WCW. He was a great wrestler.

    Hogan was my first favorite wrestler since WCW. I also liked the NWO. It had Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash. Hogan was the one who made wrestling what it is today. Without Hogan, there wouldn`t be no NWO. I`m a Hulkamaniac. I like Hogan`s moves and his finisher. And I also liked him when he was in the WWE in 2002. The NWO had a feud with Stone Cold. I remember some of it. Hogan will always be remembered. Hulkamania is runnun wild!!!!!
  • He semmed like he was/is a good guy on and off the wrestling ring.

    He is one that everyone loved, most of the kids growing up in the 80's that is. He did Public Service announcements, charity, as was there for people who had less than most of us watching at home. I'm not a wrestling fan by any means, but I did watch it back when it was him and Andre the Giant, and Rowdy Roddy Piper and all of those guys, back when wrestling was entertaining, and not trying to see how much they can shock you. He was kind of like Mr. T, big but he was there for his community and for others. I even enjoy watching the reality show of his life because he is kind of a trip in real life too. He is pretty entertaining.
  • The first wrestler I grew up admiring as a child. Without them, there would not even BE a WWE.

    The title says it all. Hulk Hogan put wrestling on the map as well as the WWE in general. Also all of the other accomplishments such as Saturday Night's Main Event and WrestleMania would not have happened without Hogan.

    Hell, without Hogan, I might not have been a wrestling fan in general. With a wicked entrance called "Real American" and the charisma he had, it's no wonder he's loved by everyone: young and old. Even the extremely old. Just kidding.

    In 2005, he made it to the Hall of Fame along with other legends who had the same status as him. Thank you, Hulk Hogan, for all of the memories. Hulkamania will never die as far as I am concerned.
  • hulkmaina!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what can i say bout hulk hogan?he got's his show and he has two kids and a wife.he is a overprotected father and he was a great wrestler.he beat randy orton at summerslam.i think he is a great father.his show is off the hook.has anybody seen his show?i sure have.
  • The Hulkster,one of the best wrestlers.

    The hulkster is one of the best wrestlers of all time in my opinion.He still wrestles now at the age of 54,correct me if i'm wrong.Some people think he should quit now.Like "Oh he's pasted his prime"and"Oh he might hurt him self permently if he keeps going"But if he really wants to go on with it,why not.I think he's aware he could get really badly injured if he keeps going,but i'm guessing he thinks (I love doing this,and i'm not going to stop untill i can't do it anymore at all)He's one of the best,and always will be "BROTHER!!"(i like that lol)
  • Well you know something Mean Gean!!!!!

    O Hulk Hogan, if it wasnt for you Vince would be selling t-shirts with Gary Collman on the street. Yes, I am serious. Hulk Hogan is the man that paved the road for professional wrestling. He doesnt have the in-ring wrestling skills, but he does have talent of drawing the crowd into the match. He can give great interviews as well. When he is in a match he can make you feel the pain he is going through, or he can make you hate him just like when he was Hollywood Hogan. Thats also something he did, he gave WCW a big push too in the 90s. And he started NWO with Nash and Hall. So basically when you think of professional wrestling, duh Hogan.
  • brother

    hesz awesome B r o t h er

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !1 !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! !! ! !! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! hogan rox hes so cool and i would luv to meet him br g g g g g g g g g o o o o d d d d g g g g o o o o l l ly yy m m m i i i s s s mm o o l l y y
  • Hogan is a very nice actor but ??!!!

    Hogan is a very nice actor but the problem is that they didn't give a chance in acting i saw just one movie for hogan and it was great why they didn't give him more movies to act, i think the WWF is the main reason for hogan to continue his life as a star but for when???
  • Hogan is 1 of the best legends i have met

    Hogan is a good wrestler, an even though I like Shawn micheals 2, I think Hogan is goin 2 kick his behind at summerslam. Hogan is an icon 2 me because i dont think no other wrestler can get n the ring at the age of 51, an still win matches, an walk out the arena with out bein hurt.
  • The Greatest of All Time!

    Hulk Hogan is the man that made pro wrestling. The greatest sport in the world was brought to everybody's attention thanks to this man. It all began on January 23, 1984. He beat the Iron Sheik for the world title and never looked back. Hulkamania was born and the world would never be the same. The WWE is the greatest form of entertainment there ever will be and it is all thanks to Hogan. He is still active today and he gets the loudest cheers. He is not the Babe Ruth of Wrestling. Babe Ruth is the Hulk Hogan of Baseball thats how great Hogan is.
  • Hulk Hogan is a really cool wrestler.

    Hulk Hogan is probably best known for being the lengendary wrestler on WWE (which is World Wrestling Entertainment). Also Hulk Hogan is also very funny on his show Hogan Knows Best. I love the way he reacts to everything in his show like Brooke getting a boyfriend and his wife taking dance lessons. It is so hialrious and I just wish that they'll be another season of Hogan Knows Best. Hulk is also very great and at his age, he is actually still wrestling so I find that very courageous of him. Especially with his hip replacement, he truly is the best.
  • Hulk Hogan A legendary wrestler

    Hulk Hogan has done it all, hes been a wrestler since the 80s, been in a few TV shows and movies, he was ib the show Thunder in Paradise and played a small part in Rocky III, he also played in Suburban Cammando, Mr. Nanny, Santa with Muscles, as wel as other movies. He's been in almost every wrestling organization, AWA, WCW, WWF/WWE and has won a lot of titles. When I watched wrestling he was my favorite wrestler, and I always enjoyed watching him wrestle, he put on a good show. he will go down in history as one of the greatest wrestlers in the world.
  • A wrestling great.

    Perhaps the wrestling business today would not have been as big had Hulk Hogan never laced up his boots and stormed the ring with his red and yellow trunks and loud theme music. Maybe not, but who knows for sure. All I know is that Hulk Hogan will be probably the most recognizable name in wrestling and the most popular wrestler to ever step in the ring. The reaction he got when he came back to the WWF was only a sample of what he has meant to the business. Overall, he might not have been the most sound wrestler but he's popular. Thank you.
  • If your family has $100 a day for your pets

    My family and I bust our booties yearly to do an international mission trip. If you have so much money...stop w/ the \\\"Hollywood support\\\" and get some life-changing efforts going on. Throw some of your hundreds our way and make a REAL difference, in the REAL world...for REAL STARVING children! And get rid of the rooster, do you really need it? Someone may be willing to eat it!
  • Heartless man... the only place he was good in is in the ring. Retire from entertainment and go off to an island away from society.

    I don't really know this guy but I've seen him around as I grew up. I know he's a famous wrestler back in the day but could care less especially after his most recent incident. I've seen Hogan Knows Best and got to see his kids and wife. His son was recently in a car accident where the passenger was seriously injured and suffered permanent brain damage. Hulk Hogan and Linda (wife) then had the audacity to blame the victim (passenger) and his mother for Nick's (son) accident. Nick was found to be driving under the influence and was given a weak sentence of 8 months in jail. If this doesn't say heartless then what has the world come to. Both Hulk and Linda Hogan showed no remorse for the injury of somebody else's son after their son drove around recklessly. Both parents also defended their son saying the victim was wild and God must have punished him for past actions. Nick also showed no remorse or even a worry because he was recorded in a conversation with his father discussing plans about new TV gig he wanted. I hope they at least one day realize what they have done and offer apologies to the family of the passenger who suffered brain damage.
  • hogan sucks

    Ok, Hulk Hogan he is SO great his leg drop is the most original and probably one of the best finishers of all time. I mean a 300 pound talentless over 54 year old guy would be in an old folks home if he didnt have money. Ok hogan he has been in movies but all of them stunk like an elephants butt anybody remember such dumb kiddie as Mr Nanny, Santa With Muscles and many more 1 * classics i mean hogan in one of those ballet tutus is just plain wrong and santa could do a better leg drop than hogan even after all those milk and cookies. Hulk Hogan cant even do a big boot right he has no flexibility at all and his stupid phrase "all you little hulkamaniacs better eat your green vegetables take your vitamins and say your prayers." It makes no sense since not too many little kids watch wrestling. To conclude this review hulk shouldnt be wrestling at his age should STFU because in this day and age hulk hogan is no longer needed and his show hogan no best is a steaming pile of poop.
  • hulk hogan is the most overrated guy alive. he is a terrible wrestler and a terrible person. his politicking is legendary. will he make the job? NO! hogan knows best is an unfunny show and deserves to be on upn next to moesha and some other crapfest.

    hogan knows best is a terrible show. the show is unfunny and if you actually watch it....HA! he doesn't deserve the legacy he has in the wrestling business and should be forgotten. in his place, people should remember bret hart and shawn michaels instead of that no talent hack, hulk hogan.