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  • The first wrestler I grew up admiring as a child. Without them, there would not even BE a WWE.

    The title says it all. Hulk Hogan put wrestling on the map as well as the WWE in general. Also all of the other accomplishments such as Saturday Night's Main Event and WrestleMania would not have happened without Hogan.

    Hell, without Hogan, I might not have been a wrestling fan in general. With a wicked entrance called "Real American" and the charisma he had, it's no wonder he's loved by everyone: young and old. Even the extremely old. Just kidding.

    In 2005, he made it to the Hall of Fame along with other legends who had the same status as him. Thank you, Hulk Hogan, for all of the memories. Hulkamania will never die as far as I am concerned.