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  • Heartless man... the only place he was good in is in the ring. Retire from entertainment and go off to an island away from society.

    I don't really know this guy but I've seen him around as I grew up. I know he's a famous wrestler back in the day but could care less especially after his most recent incident. I've seen Hogan Knows Best and got to see his kids and wife. His son was recently in a car accident where the passenger was seriously injured and suffered permanent brain damage. Hulk Hogan and Linda (wife) then had the audacity to blame the victim (passenger) and his mother for Nick's (son) accident. Nick was found to be driving under the influence and was given a weak sentence of 8 months in jail. If this doesn't say heartless then what has the world come to. Both Hulk and Linda Hogan showed no remorse for the injury of somebody else's son after their son drove around recklessly. Both parents also defended their son saying the victim was wild and God must have punished him for past actions. Nick also showed no remorse or even a worry because he was recorded in a conversation with his father discussing plans about new TV gig he wanted. I hope they at least one day realize what they have done and offer apologies to the family of the passenger who suffered brain damage.