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  • hogan sucks

    Ok, Hulk Hogan he is SO great his leg drop is the most original and probably one of the best finishers of all time. I mean a 300 pound talentless over 54 year old guy would be in an old folks home if he didnt have money. Ok hogan he has been in movies but all of them stunk like an elephants butt anybody remember such dumb kiddie as Mr Nanny, Santa With Muscles and many more 1 * classics i mean hogan in one of those ballet tutus is just plain wrong and santa could do a better leg drop than hogan even after all those milk and cookies. Hulk Hogan cant even do a big boot right he has no flexibility at all and his stupid phrase "all you little hulkamaniacs better eat your green vegetables take your vitamins and say your prayers." It makes no sense since not too many little kids watch wrestling. To conclude this review hulk shouldnt be wrestling at his age should STFU because in this day and age hulk hogan is no longer needed and his show hogan no best is a steaming pile of poop.