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  • Talented Actor Hunt Block: My favorite role he played was Craig Montgomery from As The World Turns.

    I loved Mr Block as Craig on ATWT. He made the character funny and realistic. He is so talented..ATWT screwed up...getting rid of him and Martha Byrne was ignorant. I wish I knew what show he might be on in the future. He is very talented.They replaced him with an old man. It wasn't realistic having several nice looking women fawning over the old man actor and the original actor who played Craig. They just were not as talented or good looking. Mr Block is several years younger than my mother but he made me want to tape my soap everyday. I was a police officer, single Mom and after working a 12-14 hour shift I would come home watch my soap with him on and have great dreams. It was my escape from reality. I wish him well in all his future endeavors. Wendy from Texas