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Hunter Schroeder

Hunter Schroeder

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Hunter Schroeder is from Los Angeles and he now lives in Lakeview/New Orleans, Louisiana. He's 5'5 and he likes to chill with his friends and stuff. Hunter recently went on the Amazing Race and he was the fourth Team out of the game.


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  • Hunter Schroeder is an awesome racer in the Amazing Race.

    I think Hunter Schroeder's riding on the family name cause the Schroeder Family's sarcastic, funny and weird. I like Hunter cause he's pretty awesome for his age. He acts like he doesn't care about anything. On the first leg of TAR8, he practically enjoyed his time with his dad(Mark Schroeder). On the second leg, he was kinda like the weird silent type. On the third leg, he and his family took it like champs especially that they were getting a better placing on every leg at the Pit Stop. Like 5th, 4th and 3rd. But on the fourth leg, they didn't really cooperate. Still, I think Hunter's pretty darn cool.moreless