Hunter Tylo

Hunter Tylo


7/3/1962, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Deborah Jo Hunter



Also Known As

<i><b>Deborah Morehart</b></i>
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Hunter was born on July 3 in Fort Worth Texas, one of two girls and two boys, she was a mischievous child and was particularly fond of reptiles, keeping such pets as boa constrictors and alligators. MORE:- A former tomboy who broke horses, roped cattle and trained guard…more


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    • (Hunter on her 'The Bold and the Beautiful' character, Taylor.)
      Hunter: I just wish that Taylor would get a clue, period. I wish that her psychiatric expertise would kick in already. I mean, she's retarted!

    • (Hunter on her love for unusual animals)
      Hunter: I like reptiles. I like to let them crawl all over me. I love snakes and lizards, they're great.

    • Hunter: People say, 'Blind people cope so well'. No they don't. They know they're missing something major. They struggle to get from point A to point B. It is a huge loss! I've seen Katya express herself when she's sitting in the classroom and can't see what the teacher is writing on the blackboard. She can see colour and has depth perception, but it's still frustrating for her.

    • Hunter: (On Retinoblastoma International) We're starting to open it up to even bigger needs, for children in general who have vision problems. Retinoblastoma is one of many diseases. There are 25 diseases that take the eyesight of children, and we want to do fundraisers for all of them.

    • Hunter: (On her children) Katya is doing great. She is eight years old now. She skateboards and is very physical. Katya is the one I have to watch, and put a helmet on her head and knee pads. Isabella who is nine, is the intellectual, and is quiet. She likes to draw and paint and she sits and does spelling and maths in her spare time.

    • Hunter: (On living in Las Vegas & commuting to LA for work) I might move again. I'm in a transition, because I've been back on the show for a year. Brad would like me to be closer to work. They've accommodated me for a year with serious scheduling changes and, honestly, I'm tired of it - the ravel and the commuting. I need to be with my kids. And, more importantly, they need to be with me.

    • Hunter: I'm enjoying the fact that I'm over 40. That sounds insane, butt I feel good about the way I look and how I feel about myself. I feel good about where I am and how I'm standing up for myself.

    • Hunter (on photo shoots): I used to hate them! Now I'm at a place where I like them a lot. I don't know why - maybe because I took such a long break for years before doing them again. I've been getting more creative coming up with cool ideas for them too.

  • Get a life.

    obnoxious character.
  • It hurts to watch her...

    When she was much younger and in the midst of suing "Melrose Place" for firing her for getting pregnant, she was a true natural beauty. Fast forward a couple of decades and today was the first time I caught a glimpse of her in ages. She looks as if she must have nerve damage and/or paralysis from her various procedures. Too much surgery performed by less than proficient specialists and she looks as if she's a recently bee-stung marionette. It's a shame -- she's given up the chance to age gracefully pitymoreless