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  • how do u think we can get the teen titans back on tv


  • I hope ABove Average means she's good! Anyway Hynden Walch I think has a good Role for Teen Titans!

    Hynden Walch's most Recent Role was in Batman, and her most Famous Role is Starfire in Teen Titans! I'd say another at least pretty good Voice Actor! SHe does a good job for Starfire. In Teen Titans, Starfire plays as one of the female Heroes, she is also an Alien from a different Planet in Outer Space! Starfire in Teen Titans in a few Episodes hangs around a lot with Raven because Raven is a girl too, Like inj Episode Number Seven with the Puppet King! In the end she says to Raven "would you like to go to the Mall with me later?" and Raven says "That sounds like a good Idea, yeah sure." So I find that Interesting!
  • i dont know.

    she uses the same voice every single time. i mean just listen to Penny from chalkzone and Starfire from Teen Titans. They are all frakingly the same. and i really cant stand her talking. it makes me wanna puke. she hesitates at every word she says. but i dont blame her at that part. but i find it annoying
    other than that, well i guess she is alright. i didnt wanna fail her because well i have mercy on her. but honestly she should really try another voice rather than her usual voice. i mean she should try to be more like Tara Strong.
  • Very beautiful. Very talented.

    Hynden Walch is a beautiful, talented voice actress. I love her and I think she is one of the all-time greats. I think she should be in more shows though in order to show off her fantastic talent even more! She is reaally brilliant and is just extremely great! You should definately watch any show she is in so you can hear her beautiful voice. Overall, a beautiful, talented actress.
  • Hynden Walch a in my opinion a charming and beautiful actress

    Hynden Walch a.k.a Starfire of the Teen Titans a beautiful yet strongminded and kindhearted charectar that is played excellently by Hynden Walch . I give Hynden a 15 out of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 on acting skills and on charm beauty and kindness and humor I think Hynden Walch is the best .

    Written by: Sean Solomon
    Hope Mills,NC

    She is the second hottest women I have ever seen an is the coolest person ever . An she is possibaly the nicest person you will ever meet to . I think she is a great actress .

  • Great voice actress!

    Hynden's main part that I know her as is Starfire, and from what I've seen of all her work on Teen Titans, I can tell she is such a talented voice actress. She gives such warmth and life to Starfire, not to mention that through that she makes Starfire so likeable. And then, I didn't guess it was her doing Madame Rouge until I saw it well... right above on her credits. What a talent!
  • Another great voice actor.

    I mainly know her from Teen Titans, as she voices Starfire in the show. She makes Starfire sound great, but sometimes a little dumb. Her voice fits the TV character of Starfire greatly, and Starfire can sound funny at times. Overall, Walch is a great, sometimes funny voice actor, but she could make Starfire sound smarter at times.
  • She acts as peaceful characters. Should be more used. But she isn't the greatest voice actor out there.

    Hynden Walch is the voice actress most regconisable for doing Penny on Chalkszone and Starfire on Teen Titans. She has that peaceful voice tone that we all like. She may not really be a great or a overused voice actress but I still think she is a good voice actress. I just hope that she could have had at least a few more shows to voice. And if she does, her voice acting has to improve.