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    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News about when it wasn't for acting) No, at the time they didn't have an acting program for high school, and I just really needed to get out of where I was living. It was great. And I've always been a singer, so it was great training, a great school. Go NCSA! (laughs)

    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News about how she got into acting) I do by doing. I hear so many actors go, "Oh, yes, it's so important to take classes." I don't think so. I feel like if you want to bone up on your skills, go do a play. The audience will tell you what's going on, better than somebody else who might have maybe an agenda of their own (laughs). I went to the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music for about 10 minutes when I was 18, and that was because my parents really, really, really, really, really, Really, really, REALLY, REALLY wanted me to go to college. NCSA is a professional school in just every sense of the word. There, you're assessed on your ability, not on your age, so you can go right into college music classes as a sophomore in high school, and it's just fine. But going to Cincinnati was a different thing. It was different people, it was very different teachers. It was funny though: when I told my parents I was leaving, they said they were surprised that I had hung around that long.

    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News about how she got into voice acting) I had always wanted to do it. I was in Chicago, where there's a lot of commercials, but there's no animation. Finally, when I moved to L.A., I asked my agents if they knew any voice-over agents, and they said, "Oh, yes, we do!" So I went in and read some copy for them and they said, "Great!" So then -- I said this to the class earlier -- I had to audition for four years. Going in for four years and getting absolutely nothing, to the point where you feel like your voice is going into a black hole. It's a very exclusive group in voice acting. I finally got a break, and I got a chance. I did the MGM movies which was what started my voice acting career. I did the leads in The Secret of NIMH 2 and Tom Sawyer, and then I played Penny on a show called ChalkZone on Nickelodeon, which started very early on and then went into hibernation and then came back.

    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News about Andrea Romano) Just auditioning. Same as everybody else. I got really lucky in that I knew Andrea Romano. I had done a guest role for her on Static Shock, and she said she would be looking for stuff for me at that point. And then Teen Titans came up, and it was love!

    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News about her favorite episode of Teen Titans)I really liked episode 2, "Sisters," because I was Blackfire, too. The whole recording session was me talking to myself, which was fun. Blackfire is me at age 14. Just a very, very bad kid. (laughs) And so it was really fun to contrast that, and I'm sure my face was going from sweet Starfire to bad Blackfire. Just back and forth. It was really schizophrenic and really fun.

    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News) We were all always together, and I call it the studio of love because of that show. We all just LOVED each other: the producers, the crew, the cast. Everybody was just nuts about each other and had so much fun. Andrea told me once that she likes to cast in the same way that she would like to invite really great people to a fabulous dinner party, so she chooses personalities that she knows will get along. That absolutely happened on the show, to the extent that we're almost scared that it will NEVER happen to us again. (laughs) It was SO much love in that room all the time, and I think you can tell from watching the show.

      Oh, and can I say for the record that Andrea Romano is the best voice director in the world, and I adore her. I just wanted to say that.

    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News about the difference between Batman: the Animated Series and The Batman) A difference? Hmmmm... I'm not as well versed in Batman the Animated Series as I might be. What happened for the audition was that I got Arleen Sorkin's influences from the original. I was like, "Go watch Born Yesterday," go get the gun moll kind of thing. It probably would have thrown me and intimidated me if I had gotten out Batman the Animated Series and watched that a million times before my audition, so it was just going back to the source of it. But I just love her. (laughs) Harley is just so cool.

    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News) Yes, and it's piecemeal. And you never get to act with anybody and you never get to do a whole scene. It's just chop-chop-chop-chop-chop. And unless you ask specially, you don't get to read the script before you record it.

    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News about her reactions to voicing in anime series) Um, it's the wanting to do... you know, make pretty voices to pretty pictures? (laughs) Which is a really fun way to work, or spend the afternoon, so yeah, as long as it's fun, then I'll keep doing anime. It is hard, though. It is very hard.

    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News about voice acting in English for anime series)If you have a paragraph in anime, I would be doing it one sentence at a time, which gets a little tricky. And it's honestly taking a big risk to do anime as an original actor, because if it comes back sounding like ass (laughs), then that's not good, and you're really at the mercy of your voice director to hope that these pieces that you've done actually sound like a cohesive paragraph or a cohesive scene when you're done. Because you're doing them again and again and again and again, right in a row. Even as small as a sound, you can do three takes of one syllable. It's like, "Why am I doing this? What's the context? (laughs) What's going on?" "We don't have time. Next." It's really crazy. I mean, I think anime is beautiful. I went to visit Studio IG in Tokyo, when I was working on IGPX for them, and it was just so cool to see the artists at work and just to see how amazing the stuff was that they were creating. I think it's gorgeous.

    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News about what she would do when she can't find her character) Hmmm... a regular character, or an incidental character?

    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News about Starfire from Teen Titans) Absolutely. I come at it completely from an audio/voice actor standpoint, which is something that's really unusual when it comes to show creators and writers. I'm not sure I can even say this, but we did casting on a show I developed way before we were supposed to, just because I was saying, "We need to get these voices in here, just so we know who we're talking about." I know how that works on a show, where the voices become US, and who we are as people. If you remember the pilot of Titans, which I think was not shown first, but shown third or something, it was like, "Well, we THINK this is how these guys are going to be...", but then when they had us in the room for the first time and saw who we were, that's what led the direction a lot of where we went and who we were. Who Starfire became was really a lot based on me. If someone else had played her, she would have been a different character in the end.

    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News) What's next? I like this anime show that I do called Lucky Star. I think it's hilarious! (laughs) I think it should be on ABC. And, also, I'm doing more ideas business stuff that I can't say anything about yet. Soon! I'll call you back! (laughs)

    • Hynden Walch: I absolutely adored my role as Starfire from Teen Titans, I thought it was a big break in my career. It was also really fun to do and because of it, I made a lot of new friends.