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    • Hynden Walch: (while being interviewed by Toon Zone News about voice acting in English for anime series)If you have a paragraph in anime, I would be doing it one sentence at a time, which gets a little tricky. And it's honestly taking a big risk to do anime as an original actor, because if it comes back sounding like ass (laughs), then that's not good, and you're really at the mercy of your voice director to hope that these pieces that you've done actually sound like a cohesive paragraph or a cohesive scene when you're done. Because you're doing them again and again and again and again, right in a row. Even as small as a sound, you can do three takes of one syllable. It's like, "Why am I doing this? What's the context? (laughs) What's going on?" "We don't have time. Next." It's really crazy. I mean, I think anime is beautiful. I went to visit Studio IG in Tokyo, when I was working on IGPX for them, and it was just so cool to see the artists at work and just to see how amazing the stuff was that they were creating. I think it's gorgeous.