Iain Lee






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Originally from Scotland, now living in London, 27 year old Iain Lee has been with RI:SE since show 171. Iain obtained 7 GCSE's at school before taking 2 A-levels. Iain studied Psychology at Windsor and Maidenhead College in 1993. At college Iain was in a band on drums. Despite the student looks and the Doc-Martins the band never made in big time (imagine him wearing that now!) Also at college, Iain came in to lectures rather worse for wear, but hey, so did I so there's hope for me too! Oh, sorry, Iain was ill. Supposedly..?
After he left college a man (in more ways than one??!!) he did stand-up comedy and also wrote ideas for Paul McKenna's hypnotism show. Iain's mum bought him a Ford Fiesta while he was doing stand-up comedy. The dark blue 1993 mark 3 vehicle nearly killed him, which may have pleased some people. He then picked up a job on Horizon, a local radio station. It was on this job he was spotted and invited to apply for the presenting job on The 11 O'Clock Show.

Currently works for LBC 97.3, a london radio station at a drivetime slot. And also regulary appears on a program called Loose Ends on BBC Radio 4.