Ian Fleming





9/10/1888 , Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



Birth Name

Ian MacFarlane




Ian Fleming was born on September 10, 1888 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Not to be confused with the author Ian Fleming, who created secret agent James Bond 007, this Ian Fleming was an extremely accomplished character actor who appeared in well over 100 British films. Although Fleming was born and raised in Australia, where he studied the dramatic arts, it was not until moving to Great Britain that he achieved his greatest successes. In 1927, at age 39, Fleming made his film debut as Brian Douglas in the movie Second to None. He followed this performance with roles in the movies The Ware Case, The Devil's Maze and School for Scandal. In 1931, he landed the role of Dr. Watson opposite Arthur Wontner as Sherlock Holmes in the film Sherlock Holmes' Fatal Hour. Fleming reprised the role of Watson in three Sherlock Holmes sequels. Fleming's later career included appearances in TV series like The Prisoner, The Forsythe Saga and Fabian of the Yard. Fleming died at the age of 80 on January 1. 1969 in London, England.