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  • The classification is ironic by the way!!!

    Ian Hislop is one of the team captains on Have I Got News For You, opposite Paul Merton. While the two seem so different in appearance and in class, the partnership is unbeatable on Have I Got News For You. Ian Hislop’s strength is, through being editor of the satirical magazine Private Eye, his knowledge of current affairs. Despite this, he hardly wins on Have I Got News For You!!! However, his “knowledge” (or rather, the lack of it) of popular culture is always amusing to watch. The fact that he is not particularly bothered by what the audience thinks can also make a controversial show, as demonstrated by the Paula Yates episode. He is not afraid to be nasty to the guests, especially when they take the form of Piers Morgan. And when someone like Piers Morgan makes a fool of himself on a show like Have I Got News For You, you know there will always be someone like Ian Hislop to pounce on them!