Ian Hughes

Ian Hughes


4/8/1969, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Ian Hughes


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Born in Canada but raised in west Auckland, Ian received a degree in Fine Arts from the Elam Art School of Auckland University, training as a sculptor before switching to a career in drama. He has since worked as a professional actor for over a decade, and has…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2010, Ian won "Best of Theatre 2010" for Mojo at the NZ Herald Best of Theatre Awards.

    • Ian was bor in 1969.

    • In 2009, Ian was nominated for Best Actor in a Short Film for Undergrowth at the Qantas Film and Television Awards.

    • Ian has performed in a number of short films, including Undergrowth (2007), The Waiting Room (1999), As Dreams Are Made On (1998), Letters about the Weather (1998), and Bradman (1993).

    • In playing the geeky Dr Martin Stickwill on Shortland Street, Ian is commonly said to be following in the footsteps of several of New Zealand's premier actors, Marton Csokas (Leonard Dodds) and Michaela Rooney (Emily Devine), who played were famous for having similar roles in earlier years of the NZ soap.

    • Ian is 5'9", with brown hair and brown eyes.

    • In 2005, Ian was one of 30 actors taking part in the first 24-Hour Deadline Theatre competition. Ten teams consisting of one writer, one director, and three actors were asked to collaborate to write a new play and then perform it in a 24 hour timespan.

    • Ian is a founding member of the New Zealand New Theatre Initiative, and serves on it's Executive board.

    • Ian wrote, directed and starred in his first short film called The Waiting Room, which starred Sara Wiseman of Mercy Peak.

    • Ian has hosted comedy shows, and has worked as a DJ on BFM, New Zealand. He's also done a number of commercials, including those for Air New Zealand, Auckland Rugby, Wild Bean Cafe, Rarbo Bank NZ, Foodtown, Panasonic Oxyride Batteries (NZ), VW Caddy (Germany), National Australia Bank (Australia), Fisher & Paykel (NZ), Daiken Heat Pump (NZ), and Regal Salmon (NZ).

    • Ian's theatre credits include:
      (2012) Ship Songs, 'Various' (solo show), Q Theatre, Dir. Anna Marbrook
      (2010) TOYS "Michael Jackson Figurine", Basement Theatre, dirs. Cameron Rhodes and Toby Leach
      (2010) Mojo "Mickey", Basement Theatre, dir. Jeff Szusterman
      (2009) The Sexy Recession Show, TAPAC, dir. Eve Gordon
      (2008) Ship Songs "Various", The Pumphouse Theatre, Dir. Anna Marbrook
      (2002) Queen Leah "Cordelius", New Zealand Actors Company, dir. Simon Bennett
      (2001) Bare Australian tour
      (2000) Rosencranz & Gildenstern Are Dead, "Gildenstern", Downstage, dir. Colin McColl
      (1999) Skin Tight, Herald Theatre, dir Jed Brophy
      (1998) Within a Magic Prison Maidment Studio, dir. Hester Joyce
      (1998) Sinbad the Sailor Maidment Theatre, dir. Justin Lewis
      (1997) Alice in Wonderland Bruce Mason Theatre, dir. Sam Scott
      (1997) Me & My Friend Silo Theatre
      (1997) Cyrano De Bergerac Australian Tour, Wellington Festival, Theatre at Large
      (1996) The Homecoming, Maidment Theatre

    • Ian is represented as an actor by the firm Auckland Actors. As a voice artist, he's represented by Bigmouth Voices, an agency for voice artists which he also runs.

    • Ian has a jar where he places a stone for every day he and his partner Cass have been together. There is one red stone which represents the birth of their daughter. And on one of Cass' birthdays Ian had to be away, but he arranged for a friend to take her flying over Auckland. While flying over their house Cass saw that he had painted a giant red heart on the roof for her before he had left.

    • Ian is in a long term relationship with Cass Avery, a television producer. The two have a daughter named Frankie who was born in 2001.

    • In the movie The Return of the King, Ian was originally cast as Beregond, a soldier of Minas Tirith. In post-production, his character's name was changed to Irolas, who is not an actual character in the book, but was decribed as being Beregond's brother.

  • Quotes

    • Ian: You just have to do it. I'm a strong believer that every time an actor says, 'I don't believe my character would do that', it's just them going, 'I don't want to do it!'

    • Ian: (on being an actor in New Zealand) You've got to stay on your toes to work in this country. Getting a long-running role on Shortland Street is something everyone talks about, it's fantastic to get consistency of working and income and those kinds of things.

    • Ian: (on his "Shortland Street" character Martin) There's the obvious [label of] nerdy or dweeby guy but I think he's a bit more. He's got a really strong moral code. He's so nice and true, just a really lovely character to play.

    • Ian: (on playing the geeky Martin Stickwill on "Shortland Street") I'm watching for the makeover storyline- the Pretty Woman thing, but I don't think so somehow. Everytime I go in I ask, 'So can you give me a really nice haircut and clothes now?' And they go 'no' and hand me another jumper.

    • Ian: (on his short term long distance relationships with Cass Avery) Technically we got back together via the postal service. You can't just go and say stupid things, then spend the next two hours arguing about the stupid thing you said.

    • Ian: (on wedding ceremonies) The bit where people say 'I love you' always makes me cry, but everything else makes my skin crawl.

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