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  • Baby Taz's Voice

    Greedy, Talentless, pathetic, hates kids, looooooooooves money more than anyone and anything, weak, and just plain not good. When he plays Taz, he sounds like he got hit in the brain which is even worse combined with Nicktoons Network and Cartoon Network cheesy scripts. If I was a millionare, I'd pay CN to fire all the new voices except for Billy West since he's actually good and since Mel Blanc is gone. Jeff Bennett(Yosanity Sam) and Will Ryan(Baby Bear) are good but not as good as the old ones. Beat it Ian, we hate you.
  • Great voice and always stays in role.

    So, he starred in Sonic Underground, Sonic the Hedgehog AND ReBoot. So, what's so special about that?

    Bite your tongue. In Sonic Underground, he played Knuckles, and he did so very well. Especially when it came to the episode, "Chaos Emerald Crisis". He also stayed true to the facts about Knuckles that were brought out through history and video games. That was noteworthy.

    In ReBoot, his starring role, Glitch Bob was a great success. His voice lead viewers to feel more comfortable about the character and the situation he was in (he did a great job in "Null Bot of the Bride" and "Crouching Binome, Hidde Virus".)

    Obviously, this actor has starred in popular series (many of which I love) and he is an actor that definitely deserves recognition.