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Ian Kinsler

Ian Kinsler


6/22/1982, Tucson, Arizona

Birth Name

Ian Michael Kinsler


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  • He has developed to be one of my favorite major league baseball players.

    Being a native Texan, people probably think my favorite baseball player is from Texas; Yes Kinsler is my favorite player, (we even have the same hairstyle) but let me tell you why. He has developed to become one of the greatest second basemen in the American League. Fan support was the reason Kinsler was not voted into the All Star Game in 2009; He was replaced by some guy from Boston. He's from the RANGERS. But he can hit home runs. He can steal bases. He can hit. He can defend, as he and Elvus Andrus have become a great double-play team (SS Andrus to 2B Kinsler to 1B Blalock or 1B Davis) He could, improve, though, by not getting baseballs he could probably be able to get. If needed to, he shouldn't be lazy, and if he has to, go a few feet into the outfield grass, grab the ball, and throw to first!moreless