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  • Most known as Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars Saga

    Ian McDiarmid played one of the most evil villains of all time Emperor Palatine in 5 out the 6 Star Wars movies, in the first two he played Chancellor Palpatine, and he played that character perfectly. The character was vile and manipulative and he nailed it so well it sent chills down my spine.

    He also played Dr. Thomas Lancaster in the movie Sleepy Hollow, and again showed superb acting.

    He is a great actor and the perfect choice to play a villain.
  • When it comes to playing villains, McDiarmid is one of the best choices.

    I have seen all five Star Wars movies with him in them and I think he is definately one of the bests out there. I have also seen Sleepy Hollow starring Johnny Depp. When it comes to playing villains, he is the best choice. His role as Darth Sideous in the Star Wars movies was perfect for him. His character may have died horribly, but that is what villains get. Ian McDiarmid, may you be blessed with your acting for years to come.