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  • The great man that brought Gandalf to the screen in style!

    It is fair to say that Sir Ian McKellen's great career truly began when he played Magneto in X-Men but it was his performance in Lord of the Rings that has made him one of the most respectable people out there.

    The great man is able to clearly steal films such as the LOTR trilogy, X-Men and the Hobbit. To hear that Sir Ian McKellen is suffering from cancer is such tragic news. Long live Sir Ian McKellen!
  • Awesome!!

    Ian McKellen is a great actor with lots of good films. He is great at what he does and his acting improves the films that he acts in. He is one of my favorite actors and is very talented. He is entertaining and a awesome actor. He fits in his roles and can really make his charectors come alive. I enjoy his works and appreciate his filming. He is a very talented actor and brings entertainment. He has lots of originality and a great wit. His films are marvelous and he really contributes to them. He is an awesome actor.
  • How do you review someone with so much film history? It makes it harder, not easier!

    To say that Ian McKellen is an amazingly skilled actor is to state the obvious; he's been in movies since the 60's, and theatre before that - he started in Shakespear in England, for heaven's sake. He's been Gandalf (and I can't imagine anyone else in that role) and Magneto (somehow, ditto) and ...The Toad in Flushed Away? ZeBeDee in the magic roundabout? What's up with that? See, the man is a pro actor - he'll take voice parts, weird parts, work on strange movies - and somehow there's usually something respectable in everything he touches. You don't get to be a big-name star like him, looked on in awe by even big-name Hollywood types, by being a work snob.
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    A great actor. He makes excellent works for villains like in X-Men and also as heroes, like in Lord of the Rings. Ian McKellen is one of the best actors that I have seen in a while. He is very, very good and all of his acts are pretty convincing.
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    Ian Mckellen plays one of my favourite characters in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and he does it so well. I always had faith in his characters throughout the story. He is also brilliant in X-Mean and I haven't seen him in much else but he is in so many popular titles!
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    Ian is one of the best he has picked good roles and really gets into character at least there is some good actors.
  • Plays great heroes and greater villains

    Ian McKellen, has always played great parts whether it be hero or villain Ian, gives a great performance.

    I've seen him in a few movies, but my favorite ones are the lord of the rings Trilogy where he played Gandalf the Grey/Gandalf the White and X-men Where he played the main villain Magneto.

    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring- he played the wise wizard Gandalf the Grey, though he had little patience with Merry and Pippin, he was know to crack so jokes and be humorous at times, but Ian nailed the part perfectly, just the look that was giving to Gandalf made him look wise, and when Gandalf died, having never read the books I though he was gone for good.

    Lord of The Rings: Two Towers and Return of The King - he returned from the dead as Gandalf the White, a much more powerful version of himself, and his character was more serious then his Fellowship of the ring counterpart.

    X-Men: he plays the X-men's archenemy Magneto, in all three movies; he shows that he can play a villain as well as a hero.

    Ian McKellen is a superb actor, with a lot of talent.
  • I like this guy a lot.

    Ian McKellen is a good actor. He does a good job as Magneto in X-men. And all of what he does. I never saw any of his plays, but I do like the movie work he has done. I hope that he does more movie in the years to come. And his best x-men scene is when he as Magneto destroys the golden gate bridge!