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  • How do you review someone with so much film history? It makes it harder, not easier!

    To say that Ian McKellen is an amazingly skilled actor is to state the obvious; he's been in movies since the 60's, and theatre before that - he started in Shakespear in England, for heaven's sake. He's been Gandalf (and I can't imagine anyone else in that role) and Magneto (somehow, ditto) and ...The Toad in Flushed Away? ZeBeDee in the magic roundabout? What's up with that? See, the man is a pro actor - he'll take voice parts, weird parts, work on strange movies - and somehow there's usually something respectable in everything he touches. You don't get to be a big-name star like him, looked on in awe by even big-name Hollywood types, by being a work snob.