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    • (On his first film experiences and how he went about to learn this part of his craft)
      Sir Ian: I was frightened of the camera... Most people are. You just think of yourself having your photograph taken – it's not a pleasant experience. You're worried about what you look like. You suddenly become unnatural... You want to comb your hair, you want to take your glasses off, you want to say, "Please take another one, I wasn't ready." That's what it feels like when you're not secure in front of a film camera, but a hundred times worse, of course, because you're doing it for a living... You're going to be judged. And the film is moving through the camera the whole time. Before I did the film of "Richard III," I deliberately took time off from theater – I didn't do any theater – I only did film... Anything on screen... Anything. I played some very small parts, and visited other people's movies – as it were – and learned the job.