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  • A perfect addition to the series

    He was simply fantastic. He made the audience so easy to "hate" him.

    A great performance
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  • A finer actor, in my experience, cannot be found!

    A many year movie buff, I have had my share of favorite actors & actresses and still do. This man turned that world up side down with his incredible art.

    Given an extremely difficult role to be convincing in, in my opinion, he performed with such extreme perfected talent and insight that he enhanced this character 10 fold over what the writers & directors could have come up with, I truly believe. So subtle were some of the plot notions (he was being focused upon to carry off) in physical form yet he could make them scream in your ears! Depth! Dimension! and a truly gorgeous man in every way.
  • What an actor!!

    Ian McShane single handedly runs deadwood (the show and the town haha)
    Without him, the show would be lost. He brings charm, class, villiany, bad language, and hate to a new low (high?) with his acting, and his change up from his manchester accent (very strong, mind you) to american is really shocking (watch sexy beast to see what I mean)
  • Where has this guy been all our lives?

    Ian Mcshane is one of the greatest actors around. I have seen him in a lot, but never did he have the chance to shine as he does in 'Deadwood.' He really creates a memorable character, and fully inhabits him.

    A lot of people focus on Swearengen's language, but that is such a surface part of his character. It's not distracting once you get into the rhythm of the way he speaks, and see that it's the only natural way a person like that could speak.

    Ian mcShane is one of those guys who just kept on being great, then finally got a role and a break that was good enough for him. Sweet.