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  • Wow HE is So DAMN Sexy.

    Wow... Ian Somerhalder is a god. I just want to look at him all day, but if I did I'd be drooling. He was so awesome and eye-candy in Lost. I actually watched it just to look at him.
    He was even in Smallville for a few episodes and he was hot and so was his BODY. Talk about toning. And not to mention he has an awesome personality. BACK OFF!!! HE'S MINE>
  • I love ian somerhalder!!!!He was in Smallville!And his rich character on Lost who dies in a plane when the airplane fell out of the tree!!!Ian is a great person and so is his personality.He likes to horseback ride,and so di I!!!That is sooooo cool!!!lol!

    He is the coolest man i know that is alive!!!!!!He is soooo hot!!lol.he likes to practice yoga in his spare time.enjoys snowboarding and water and snow skiing!!(i
  • any way he is sexy, mysterious n gorgeous! a great actor and model! 100% sex god!

    Ian somerhalder has 2 be with out a doubt the fittest guy on the planner! i was so upset when i found out that he dies in lost!

    he has the most gorgeous blue eyes eva!

    i started wotching lost just because he was in it! my computer display is filled wid pictures of him! HE TOTALLY ROCKS!

    his best feature has 2 be his gorgeous blue eyes and his sexy body!

    i think he is ace. and a brilliant actor. i hope we see more of him in lost, even after he dies. him and shannen make an ace couple!

  • Boone was a really cool character in the show. It just sucks he won't be a main character anymore.

    We first learned that Boone, or Ian Somerhalder, which is his real name, used to be a lifeguard. He had a stepsister named Shannon and they didn't seem to get along a lot of the time, as Boone referred to her as useless at one time.
    When a women was drowning, Boone went to save her, but instead of saving her, Jack saved him. Boone later told Jack that he(Jack) should have saved her and not him.
    Boone often disappeared in the jungle with Locke, as they had discovered a hatch in the ground and they spent countless hours trying to find a way to open it.
    We found out that Boone had to rescue Shannon countless times from her abusive boyfriends. He would pay the boyfriends to break up with her. But he found out later that Shannon and the boyfriend would stay together and spend the money. When Boone found this out, Shannon came to his apartment and told him that she realized he(Boone) had always been in love with her. The two slept together.
    Locke realized Boone had to let go of some things especially with Shannon. He constantly tried to protect Shannon and felt he had to tell her everything. So Locke had the island test Boone, where Boone saw Shannon dead. It was only an image of Shannon, and not really her but Boone did not know this. He charged Locke but Locke told him(Boone) that it was just a test. Boone said he felt relieved when he saw Shannon dead(her image), and for this he realized Locke was right about letting go with her.
    When Boone went with Locke to find a plane that Locke saw in a dream, Boone climbed up onto a cliff to reach the plane, but he fell and became bloodied and severly hurt. Jack tried to save him after Locke rushed him(Boone) to him, but Boone died.
    Boone was a really cool character in the show. It just sucks he won't be a main character anymore.
    Season 1(8.5)
  • I was really gutted when I found out that it was Ian\'s character Boone that died! He is so gorgoeus as well!! HOW COULD THEY?!?!?!?!

    He was one of the best characters and I think it was a mistake to kill Boone off when there are more 2 dimensional characters like Hurley, Shannon, Michael etc. Why not kill off one of them?? I feel really bad for him now that Lost has really taken off and he was the only person to be killed off in the first season!! he wont be invited to any more of the premieres or parties, it just seems so unfair!!! Boone\'s character could have gone a long way.
  • A young actor who could do with a break!

    Somerhalder is one of them actors who isn't bothered by public perception. This explains his unusual characters.
    He was in young americans as a sexually confused guy, who thought he fancied a guy that turned out to be girl?
    Then he was in the film, Rules of Attraction. In this film he played a bi-sexual, playboy with a pill popping mum.
    Now (in the UK), he's a rich playboy, whose having it away with his sexy step sister, shannon. I have gathered he's been bumped off, now.
    Somerhalder's playing the roles suited to his age and looks. He'd do better if he went for a mainstream film, a possible thriller or comedy. I've read somewhere, he's had a hard time from the US media, which is a shock! Considering the US is one of the youngest nations, you'd think they'd be more understanding of youthful issues, like homosexuality?
    Being from England, a supposed stiff upper lip and frigid nation, there was no mention of the 'gay' thing, Britain was more concerned with dawson doing drugs!
    With the right film, Somerhalder has the potential to be as rewarded as Cruise or Pitt.
  • HOT!!! I can't belive LOST killed you off.

    Ian is a great actor. The first time I saw him on Smallville I was in love. He plays charcters so perfectly and makes them real. Before he died on LOST he was my #3 favorite charcter. Him as Boone was perfect, his emotions made you truly love his charcters. When Boone died I cried and almost threw my TV out the window. Now that I am done talking about his talent lets move on to him being one of the most HOT guys in the world. Those killer blue eyes lure you in. He is so pretty (yes guys can be pretty) I hope you go on to a great, long carear.
  • Ian did a great job as the 'handsome co-star' in lost and should not have been the one to be killed off at the end of the first season.

    During the first season Boone was the character that i started to like more and more each week. he had an interesting character and was gorgeous. Ian was great as Boone. as he became one of my favourite characters i was very sad when i found out he was to be the character killed off at the end of season one. i think the Boone centric episode was one of my favourite episodes and it is a real shame Ian did not get another chance to shine. i was glad to see him in a flash back in the final two episodes of the season however they were very short parts. it is hard fr me to imagine lost without Boone and for me lost has now lost the most appealing feature that it had.
  • oh why kill him off and cancel his shows, he's too good for that!

    i fell in love with ian when i was an innocent 11 year old when i saw him in Young Americans. Then they axed it and i was crushed. for years i was deprived, as soon as i heard he was in lost i started watching it, then they killed him off so i stopped. ian is not only gorgeous but he had genuine talent (no, really, he's just gorgeous). dream come true if ian got a star role in a hit show and wasn't killed off like he was a nobody. Ian is a somebody. fa la la la la.
  • How could they kill him?

    Rite im a HUGE fan of lost an watched all of da 1st serious an cant wit till it starts again in february but why did they kill Boone (Ian somerhalder) hes a mint actor an he's my fave lost guy an shouldn't have been killed!!!!
    Please bring him bak!!!An keep up da gud work i love lost!!!An cant wait till Ian gets a new role coz i LOVE him!!!
  • Ian Somerhalder is one of the hottest male actors in the world. Personally, i have seen only 3 of his films (including LOST) but I can see that he is very talented. He is very GORGEOUS! His acting and modelling career makes him irresistable to me! I LOVE

    His acting is high rated, and his modelling is very good quality - it makes him seem like the perfect overall guy. However, he makes comments that makes the world worry a little - for example, "22. On making the big bucks as an actor, Ian says, "...You can spend it on drugs and rock 'n' roll, but you shouldn't have to spend it on sex; that should just kind of come to you. That should be free." That makes people wonder what kind of a man hollywood has forced him to become. I personally thought and still think that he is one of the most well-rounded guys in the world (his acting and modelling career). The fact that he dated Nicky Hilton seemed to me a little odd, perhaps I thought his actions would be different but whatever. I love Ian Somerhalder and hope that one day I will be lucky enough to meet him!

    Ian Somerhalder is one of the best men I have ever seen in all my life, he is cute, he is talent, and I really love his work in the series Lost, where he appears as Boone, is one of the best shows I have ever seen and he is also the best person I have ever seen.
    I think that he was also in Smallville, and as soon as I watched him there, I knew that he has a lot of future beyond him, and I am sure he is really going to triumph, only if he continues acting.
  • Wow, can a guy get more beutiful

    I actually didn't really like him when I first saw him on Lost, but later on I started liking him a lot, especially for those eyes. The guy's got one of the most beutiful eyes I've ever seen. I saw him as a guest star on couple of other shows like CSI and Law & Order and I some movies like Rules Of Attraction, so he can act as well. But the truth is he is so pretty I don't think he even needs to act he can just stant around looking good and everyone would still be happy lol. A talented guy, and total eye candy, he needs to be on the big screen more.
  • Ian Somerhalder is a very young and talented actor.

    Ian Somerhalder is still a very young actor who has been in many films and movies. Especially tv shows like Lost and Smallville. I watched him in a few shows and he is very talented adn fearless. He also has those stunning blue eyes and those abs. He definitely looks like a model to me and he is. He first as a model and then went into acting. Ian has dated a few girls like Nicky Hilton and his co star on Lost Maggie. He also is five feet nine inches tall and gained twety to thirty pounds of muscles just so he could get the lead roles in movie.
  • Awesome

    Ian Somerhalder is a very very very talented actor with the looks of an actor. He plays Boone on ABC's hit TV series LOST. LOST is a show about a plane crashing into an island and the survivors struggle to stay alive. Ian's character plays a rich young adult with a spoiled half sister who he has a crush on since they were younger. He is very protective of his sister. Ian plays the role well, he plays it with Drama and sometimes comedy, he is a great addition to the amazing show. Sadly they killed his character in the first season.
  • Ian Ian Ian...what else to say. Just look at him.

    Before reading his biografy, just look through those beautiful blue eyes...

    Somerhalder was born in Covington, Louisiana. His father, Robert Somerhalder, was a building contractor of French and English descent, and his mother, Edna, who is of Irish and Choctaw descent, grew up on a pig farm in Mississippi.[1] The surname "Somerhalder" originates from his adoptive great-grandfather. His biological great-grandfather, a wealthy English landowner, got one of his mistresses pregnant and paid an immigrant worker of his to marry this woman and give the baby a name, which was Somerhalder. The biological great-grandfather's name was Hull.

    Somerhalder's parents divorced when he was thirteen. He grew up with his mother, whom he has described as being "very spiritual", and attended Catholic school

    Somerhalder began his career as a male fashion model, with his mother's encouragement at the age of 10. He modeled in New York, Paris, Milan, and London. His modeling credits include Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Versace, and Guess?. He was the face of Guess? for two fall seasons. Although he continues to model with his agency DNA Models, he has also started acting. [1]

    His first major acting role was in The Rules of Attraction, Roger Avary's adaptation of the Bret Easton Ellis novel of the same name. He was a main cast member for the first season of the American television series Lost as the character Boone Carlyle.

    His television work also includes appearances in shows such as Smallville (in which he played Adam Knight, a dead person who is being kept alive by a special drug), CSI: Miami, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Now and Again, and The Big Easy, as well as producing Recess.

    On November 2000, Somerhalder was the very first male celebrity to be named Most Beautiful Man of the month on the web site mostbeautifulman.com.

    On May 2006, DNA Models named their Top 10 Male Models. Somerhalder was among those in the list. [2]

    It is rumored that Ian would return to play Boone Carlyle on some of the episodes of the third season of Lost. I certainly hope so (L)
  • Eyes

    He may not be a big star, but hes got the look. His Blue Eyes Could Kill! Sadly he was killed on Lost. He could be my step-brother anyday. I wonder what he going to show up on next. It seems that he is still a posible cast memeber of Lost beyound the grave. In a recent episod he appered in one of Lock's visons as a guide.
  • Otro buen actor

    Ian, parece buen tipo. Es buen actor, pero ahí nos quedamos. No sobresale como Boone en Lost pero se nota el esfuerzo y que tiene pasta como para llegar a más. Otra cara bonita (espero que no se entienda como un ataque por celos) que cumple con la necesidad de cada show/televidente común y corriente; preocupante pero cierto.
    Me quedé con ganas de más de el en Lost: me parecía que su personaje podía tener muchos giros inesperados. Supuse que su falta de acción era producto de un desarrollo sorpresivo posterior. Me equivoqué, pero bueno, espero ver a Ian en muchos trabajos más a ver si demuestra todo lo que creo puede.
  • Handsome and talented...

    Ian Somerhalder is a very talented young actor. I liked him a lot in Lost and it was a real shame that he was the first to go. He's also a very charming man and he has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. I can just look at them all day, they're irresistible!!! I wish him good luck in his future projects.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Yes he is a handsome man, but besides that. I like watching his character.

    Yes he is a handsome man, but besides that. I like watching his character. His facial expressions are great. They way they just flow with his character are intriguing. He really pulls you in. He is a joy to watch. I know he has not been in that many leading rools and I probly would have watched more LOST if they didn't kill him off, but then it gave him the opportunity to show his talent in Vampire Diaries. He potential is endless and I feel we will be seeing him a lot more. He is a great actor. Love the show.
  • ...Handsome && Charming...

    What can I say about Ian Somerhalder? He is a awesome actor. I hope one day he'll find the role that will make him a big star, because he deserves it and he is good enough too. I have only ever seen him in LOST but he was awesome, he played the character 'Boone' who died, but before he died he was great, he was my second facourite charater. He was so fuun, I cried when he died. But hopefully we will be seeing alot more of him! Ian is gorgeous his eyes, just make my heart sign. I could look at him all day. All in all Ian Somerhalder is a great actor and a hot one, but we need to see alot more of him in the futher. He is very talented too.

    Ian Somerhalder is bringing sexy back...
  • Decent actor, deserves to go far.

    I was first introduced to Ian on "Lost", in which he plays a somewhat odd guy named Boone with a hot hot sister named Shannon. It took a few episodes for me to really notice him or care who he was but after a while he became one of the most intriguing characters. Perhaps it was because he was so underused and under-explored, but I really wanted the show to go further with him. I later saw Ian in an episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit", which also became one of my top favorite episodes of that show. Ian plays a sadistic, twisted guy who carries out seriously disturbing sexual crimes. It's quite a memorable role.

    As I was catching up with "Smallville" I was surprised to see Ian pop up in season three. While decent, I didn't care much for him, but I guess that's because of the character - he did the best with what he had.

    Overall Ian is a good actor. I'd personally love to see him play a few more psychotic characters. His main problem, though, is that he's "pretty" and probably doesn't get taken very seriously in Hollywood. I hope he gets a breakout role soon.
  • He's GORGEOUS ... what else can I say!

    Well, I can say other things about him, he's definitely handsome, charming ... and of course he's very talented. I don't think he got a real chance to show his talent yet, his role on Lost was very abrupt, but he did a great job on some of his guest star appearances especially his appearance on Law & Order: SVU. He's young, his whole life is still ahead and I'm sure he'll get more interesting roles (hopefully longer ones).

    Needles to say, his EYES are his best feature, they're incredible ... I LOVE their green color and huge iris ... simply beautiful (ma sha' Allah).

    Waiting for his next project, wish him all the best.
  • empty

    To me, Ian Somerhalder was probably the worst actor in Lost and I was so glad that he was killed of the show. I also found his character really controlling of Shannon, even though it was just because he cared for her, he did it in the wrong way. I suppose to me, he wasn't as good as any of the other unque characters but overall he wasn't too bad.
  • My review of Ian Somerhalder aka Boone in ABC's Lost.

    Ian's first major television role was on ABC's hit drama and award wining show 'Lost'.
    He auditioned for the part of 'Boone'. He is one of the 48 survivors of the crash of Flight 815.
    'Boone' crashes with his step-sister 'Shannon' (Maggie Grace) and for the beginning of the series is a bit of a 'wannabe hero' but later on becomes much more involved with the goings-on on the island when him and Locke (Terry O'Quinn) find a mysterious hatch on the island.

    Playing one of the main ten characters of the show, Ian Somerhalder's character is given various different, versatile situations to play - this really shows the audiance his capability to display emotion on set, in particular when he hallucinates the death of 'Shannon' in the season 1 episode 'Hearts & Minds'.

    I think Ian Somerhalder is a very talented actor and VERY HOT!!!!!!!!!
  • Ian Somerhalder...Even the name sounds good.

    Ever since I began watching the Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder has been my favorite actor. He portrays Damon Salvatore perfectly and just as he was described in the book: arrogant and seductive, but covering a lot of pain and rejection on the inside.
    Ian seems to be a relaxed, humorous guy who lives life the the fullest. In addition, he was the first celebrity known to be involved in the cleanup of the BP oil spill back in April. He also supports the St. Tammany Humane Society and even wants to start his own foundation for protecting the environment and animals. Ian is a total animal lover! How considerate. I have a feeling even after the Vampire Diaries ends, we will still see and hear a lot of him.
  • Ok Finally A Hawt Actor That Really Cares About Something Other Then Looking At Humself In The Mirror. Ian Is An Actor With A Great Big Heart For All Living Things. Love His Foundation.


    Ian is an amazing man with a more on his mind then most of todays young Hollywood actors. Check out his foundation & see how he is helping us to save our planet and all the animals that inhabit it. He speaks his mind and even follows through with what he says. Truely an amazing actor whose looks match his heart.

  • I just started watching vampire diaries ... I started with season 1 and your character is the main reason I kept watching. I love your facial expressions.. I don't get why you get tossed on your ass so much though, that aside you're def. great.


    I started with season 1 and your character is the main reason I kept watching. I love your facial expressions.. I don't get why you get tossed on your ass so much though, that aside you're def. a good pick for the whole angst-y bad boy.. not to mention the looks :P

  • Ian Somerhaler is hot and really funny

    Ian Somerhaler is awesome i hope he is on The Vampire Diaries till the end. He is an awesome actor and he is so Funny.
  • Great actor!

    I have been a fan of Ian's since the short lived show Young Americans. I liked him on Lost and now I love him on the Vampire Diaries! I hope TVD is around for many years to come.
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