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    • Ian and wife, Rachael Beck, have welcomed their first baby - a daughter they've called Tahlula, born on January 15, 2007. Ian was filming Sea Patrol in Brisbane at the time and rushed to fly to Sydney for the birth. He arrived just in time to cut the umbilical cord. The following day he had to fly back to Brisbane to continue work on Sea Patrol.

    • Ian married actor, Rachael Beck, in January 2001.

    • In 1996, Ian graduated from Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) with a degree in Performing Arts.

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  • do you remember your last day in the banking world..the cba "smoke"carpark incident with your old sparring partner? i'm in spain with 3 gorgeous girls -living the dream. roblumley@hotmail.com - say hi if you wish if not,live long and prosper.moreless

    ian stenlake? well what can i say...never quite as handsome as i was but perhaps more outspoken...lol.. not quite as good a table tennis player..but perhaps a lil taller than i was... the classic case of the blue collar boy meets the white collar boy ...im not sure if i was butch or sundance..which one was robert redford again ffs? mr.stenlake..if you are reading this..best of luck to you...and congrats on your daughter..i have 2 now and they are both stunningly attractive as is my wife...we live near barcelona and have a dream life...not so much in the limelight as you and your lovely looking wife...but fun all the same...

    be good and stay safe. this message may not reach you ever..but it was kind of fun to type anyway ...lol..i'd nearly forgotten that part of my life.

    hasta la vista..(baby)moreless
  • As Oscar, he reined supreme.

    Stingers was my all time favourite show when I was younger (and it was still on, and still good). And all because of Oscar. I was forever cheering for him and Angie to get together, and they never really did - one of my biggest diappointments. When Oscar died I cried, I hissed, I threw things. Alas, alack no more... and without him (and the other couple of castmates who left around the same time) Stingers went down hill fast.

    Oscar was my all time favourite character on television - on any show, and he probably always will be.

    I know I'm meant to be reviewing Ian Stenlake - but the reason Oscar was so believable was because of the brilliant acting of Ian. Plus, he's a pretty good singer too. Mind you, the only reason I was glued to the TV the year he sang at one of the Carrol things was because he was Oscar.

    A girl doesn't forget her first love...moreless