Ian Thorpe

Ian Thorpe


10/13/1982, Sydney, Australia

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Thorpey or Thorpedo
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Ian Thorpe was born on October 13, 1982 in Paddington, Sydney, to a gardener and teacher. He has one sister, Christina. He began swimming at the age of eight years because of his visits at his sister's swimming contests. Today he can call himself a five time Olympic…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ian enjoys the shows Friends, Simpsons, O.C., and The Osbournes.

    • On November 20, 2006, Ian announced his retirement from swimming.

    • In September 2006, Ian's fall into the pool ahead of the 400m freestyle at the 2004 Australian Swimming Championships was listed at #27 in TV Week's 'Top 50 most memorable moments on Australian television' list.

    • On March 27, 2004, Ian was disqualified from the 400m freestyle at the 2004 Telstra Australian Swimming Championships for making a false start, losing his chance to compete in the event at the Athens Olympics. Craig Stevens later withdrew, and Ian competed and won.

  • Quotes

    • Ian: A change of focus is a good thing to keep your motivation and the strive for success. A change of discipline makes you work harder and adds a new fun event to the racing program.

    • Ian: (announcing his retirement from swimming) I'm looking at a next phase and ... swimming is not at the top of the list. As of 2.53 on Sunday afternoon I decided I would not be swimming the world championships. I also made a very difficult decision that day that I am actually going to discontinue my professional swimming career. I'd been working towards this decision for quite some time. I'm a 24-year-old, and I'm only just 24 as well. I'm young enough to still see the new challenges and be able to accept them within my life. I'm also old enough now that I realise all of these accomplishments that have got me to this place in my life. I also know there is a lot of people out there that want me to keep swimming. I only hoped that I wanted to swim half as much as other people want me to.