Ian Watkins

Ian Watkins


7/30/1977, Pontypridd, Wales

Birth Name

Ian David Carslick Watkins


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Ian was born in St Davids hospital, Merthyr.He is the eldest of three children and was raised by his stay at home mum and baptist minister step-father.He is famous for being the lead singer of Lostprophets an alternative metal band.He attended Hawthorn High School, whilst originally being a…more


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    • Ian: The thing about Start Something is that although that album was the best album we could have made at the time, I knew it wasn't as good as we could be in the future.

    • Ian: Its strange but everything thats happened to us has come about because of the fans. Theres been no media hype surrounding us. Everything we've done has been built from the ground up.

    • Ian: The thing about Lostprophets is that were not a flash in the pan. We've built this thing so that it grows steadily, level by level. We havent over-exposed ourselves or gone for the quick reward. We've built up a fan base that wont forget who we are just because we've gone away to record a new album.

    • Ian: We're not a post-hardcore band, we're not a nu-metal band, we're not interested in proving anything to anybody. We just want to make music we like.

    • Ian: Everyone's got dreams. Start something, start anything. Just do what you've always wanted to do.

    • Ian: I had a blind confidence that I would be in a band one day.