Ian Wright (IV)





5/17/1965 , Suffolk, England

Birth Name

Ian Douglas Wright




Ian Douglas Wright was born on May 17, 1965 in Suffolk, England.

Before Ian became a TV presenter, he went to an art school and did a lot of painting. An accomplished artist and theatre performer, he had an exhibition of his paintings at Chats Palace. He also did a lot of little jobs, made money, and went travelling. His previous jobs include cycle couriering, making and selling paints, candlesticks, clay artwork, jams, chutney, and mint sauce in the market. He had a stall in Spitalfields Market in London. He once worked at Hoxton Community Centre doing clay, drawing and painting. He also taught art and drama workshops to kids aging from three to twelve at the Children's House in Islington during weekends, and worked with children with behavioural difficulties in special schools.

He has travelled to Egypt for about three months, Nepal and India for seven months, Guyana for three months, hitchhiked though Ireland, and spent six months travelling around Europe. He had been doing a bit of video in all his travels. He saw a career opportunity when his friend told him about an ad in the newspaper for a Lonely Planet (a.k.a. Globe Trekker) presenter, and he matched the qualifications: young, enthusiastic, and done a bit of travelling. He then sent a 5-minute show-reel, which was originally intended for a joke. His video entry shows him in Liverpool Street Station in London, where all his bags fell over. He slipped along the floor, hit his head on the camera and gave his piece to the camera, "Here we are in London..." In one sequence, he was trying to change money on the black market, and ended getting beaten up. The next sequence was when he was on the toilet talking about the rich food and advising visitors to take it easy. There was also another sequence when he was getting arrested, and ended up in jail. He sent it for a joke, while part of him was hoping to get the job. The network (Channel 4) loved his show-reel, so they sent him a letter for an interview. The rest was history.

Ian Wright has been one of Globe Trekker's presenter. He has been travelling the globe solidly for several years to bring us the best adventures, risks and tall tales from around the world.

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Baja California

Southern Mexico


Northeast Brazil

Chile and Easter Island

Iceland and Greenland

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