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  • A great musical talent, a great actor


    Ice Cube was a name I heard often as a child. I listened to his music with my family, mostly with my uncles. My parents, however, were fans of some of his (and NWA's) music. By the time I was a teenager, I knew that Ice Cube was a musical genius, a hip-hop legend, and a pioneer of hip-hop music.

    I never expected him to go on to be such a great actor/director/producer. His movies are entertaining and funny. I love his films. Ice Cube has a talent for knowing what is funny and he has a talent for finding the right people to work with. I think he is great.

    My favorite Ice Cube movies are Barbershop and the Friday movies, of course. Those movies have now become classics.

    Ice Cube has proven that he is very versatile and I look forward to seeing what else he has in store for us.

  • Entertaining.

    I will say that Ice Cube is funny when he acts. He isn't the most talented actor, as I think he is just average at acting. But he isn't terrible and I think he has done a decent job in his filmography. The best piece of work that he has been involved with is the Friday Trilogy. He and Chris Tucker were hilarious together. Ice Cube has been decent in comedy roles. As a rapper, he is just okay, but I have known him more in movies and such. Overall, he is pretty funny and also entertaining. He is funny. Thank you.
  • Ice Cube is cool............ha

    I like this guy. He is funny and I really like his new CD. I have seen a couple of movies with him in them and I was really amazed by how cool and talanted he is. He appeared on Mindfreak (Yes, I know you are probably thinking."Oh no not again with Criss Angel", but whatever) and he seemed friendly and nice so I like him
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    A good actor, and though he appears in some comedy movies, some good some not, he also knows how to play good and dramatic roles, like in Boyz N the Hood, and I think that is what it makes him such a good actor. Some of his movies are not as cool, but overall I think that he is a good actor with a lot of talent.
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    Ice Cube is truly a multi-talented man. I mean, he can rap and act. Not many people can say that they've successfully crossed over from one form of entertainment to the other. Look at his filmograhpy--amazing.
  • He maybe crazy with his music but he know how to the keep it real ice cube is the best rapper/actor/comedian in the my book ever and he way better than 50 cent and his ungrateful negro of a crew ice cube maybe crazy with his lyrics but he s

    Ice cube is a talented gangsta rapper and actor i got two of his movies on dvd are we there yet? and torque now ice cube was very funny in are we there yet i almost die even in barbershop 1 and 2,very goddamn hilarious he should been a comedian but my favorite movie of them all was friday now he was funny with chris tucker man what a gangsta rapper/actor and i got his lastest work laugh now cry later is a hit and is way better than 50 cent s latest garbage the massacre what a damn mess
  • Renegades of South Central!

    Over the years I’ve been watching and listening to Ice Cube. (His expression used to scare me as a child…) I can’t say his music has influenced me to the point where I want to pick up a weapon and hurt somebody. (I thought about it and it’s not a crime to think! Or sing about doing it!)

    All the criticism of Gangsta Rap/ Rap in general is uncalled for – Music is an expression just likes – Art is an expression – I don’t hear anyone freaking out over the near nude male paintings Da Vinci made. (Perverse comparison but I don’t think Rap alone is responsible for nor has anything to do with the reaction of the individual.) Some believe it perpetuates Misogynistic/woman targeted hate but as a female you have to know who you are and what anybody says about you unless it’s true shouldn’t bother you.

    That said – I think he’s done a 360 – I was shocked when he started appearing in what most would call “Family Movies” but I got a kick out of it none the less. Rap is only one aspect of the man’s life – He has done other things and hopefully will continue to do more. I don’t believe he’s been recognized for his – accomplishment. Maybe that’s what started the beef with Oprah, who knows. Maybe after he’s dead he’ll become a legend – well maybe.