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  • He is a talented actor!

    I really really enjoy watching the Law and Order series because of him... he is stern, serious, fierce, and just fits the role of detective so well. I think people overlook his acting sometimes honestly, but not me... I'm always looking for him on the show when I watch it because he plays his role well. T for Talented... ice cold...
  • At last a TV cop that is believeable through and through, great performance by Ice-T.

    CasiQadir took most of the words outta my mouth with their review, Fin is my fav character in SVU; smart, tough, unpredictable, streetwise, caring and even loveable. Wish we could see Fin crack a smile a bit more though. Great casting Fin must have been written with Ice-T in mind, he brings a raw edge to the show and out of all the TV cops out there he is actually believeable, it is great to see such a tough character having one hell of a softer side you can almost feel Fin's sorrow and frustrations at times through Ice-T great performance. Gets a perfect 10 from me.
  • Refreshingly "real" as a street smart, intelligent, caring detective, who uses his personal life experiences to add credibility to his character.

    Rapper / Musician to actor in a top rated TV drama? At first glance one is curious as to his ability to pull off such a serious role. He does it, and might I say amazingly well. His character is believable; tough, yet caring. A street wise, intelligent detective, whose character makes his own unique place among the other "detectives" on the show. One of my favorite characters on the show.
  • Like my thing says above, a 10 is an underrated rating deal. He's good.

    Ice-T was an excellent rapper, and now he's an excellent actor. His portrayal of Odafin "Fin" Tutuola is just outstanding. He's so good, a 10 is an underrating. He has really out-done himself on this one. If he kept this one up, I think there's the possibility of him having his own show...that'll be interesting.
  • A 10 in acting and looks

    Ice-T is one of the most complex character on Law and Order SVU. He has that rugged exterior with that tedddy bear spot inside. he is street wise and book smart. He knows the streets so well from working them and growing up in them. He knows things about the actions of the criminals that the others wouldn't have a clue. Not cause they are not smart just not as street wise. In the episode "Dolls" as well as several other episodes we get a chance to see the softer side of Fin which just makes him all the more loveable.
  • Love him as an actor

    I don't know anything about Ice-T as a rapper, but as an SUV officer/actor, he's great. He reminds me of a piece of Christmas candy - hard on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. He comes across as tough, but has a big heart. I love the on-t.v. relationship between him and Munch as well. Munch drives him crazy, yet would step in front of a bullet for him in a heartbeat. Wasn't sure how he would be as an actor given all I knew about him was he's a rapper, but he's turned out to be a great asset to the show.
  • Really surprising

    I was really surprised by how much I liked Ice-T in the role of Fin Tutuola. I mean traditionaly for the longest time he was really seen as mostly a musical artist, a rapper. So, when he joined Special Victims Unit I was a little aprehensive. I mean the show has kind of a tough standard to fill, with actors like Marsika Hargitay and Christopher Meloni, but he really knocks it out the park in every episode. He is a surprisingly good actor and his character of Fin really seems to be a role that not every actor could just simply pull off at the drop of a hat, at least not without some serious acting chops.