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Iddo Goldberg

Iddo Goldberg


8/5/1975, Haifa, Israel

Birth Name


  • Iddo Goldberg as Ben and Bille Piper as ...
  • Iddo Goldberg as Ben and Bille Piper as ...
  • Iddo Goldberg as Ben in season three of ...
  • Iddo Goldberg and Billie Piper as 'Hanna...
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Iddo was born in Haifa, Israel and moved with his family to England when he was ten, growing up in St. Johns Wood in northern London. Now he lives in Golders Green, London.


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  • Unappreciated or more accurately - Unknown, and such a shame, too! He's such a talented actor.

    Iddo is a fine actor. Not only because we share a birthplace, but because there is something very classy about him. About his performances.

    All his characters up until now has been very low-publicized, but I'm sure once Call Girl will be more than 8 episodes, this guy will earn himself a bunch of adoring, screeching fans. He is good looking, sexy, successful and Jewish, basically every Jewish mother's dream (you're welcome to PM me too lol)

    He may get only a few minutes on screen (I do hope he'll get more) but his character is beautifully portrayed and you could actually *sense* his desire for Hanna...no wonder he called of the wedding!moreless