Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop


4/21/1947, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

James Newell Osterberg


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Iggy Pop, whose real name is James Newell Osterberg, Jr., is an all-around singer, musician, songwriter, and actor. Iggy is known for his wild antics on stage, and for his innovation in the punk rock genre. He was born April 21, 1947 in Muskegon, Michigan. Iggy began performing…more


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    • Iggy: (on his interaction with crowds during his past performances) Only once has it turned out really badly. I was on this dumb tour and was determined to outdo The Bloodhound Gang. So I did a predator drone on them - a surprise dive. They moved away and I dislocated my shoulder.

    • (On Modern Music)
      Iggy: The most successful stuff is sold to you as indispensable social information. The message in the music is, 'We are terribly, terribly slick and suave, and if you listen to us, you can probably get a leg up in society, too.'

    • Iggy: (on the movie "The Passenger" - a biopic of his career) The script ain't chopped liver. It was a work of art. But subjectively, I don't want to be involved in any way. A producer and the writer sent me a very decent letter, and asked me to write back if I didn't want them to do it. I don't feel negative about it at all.