Ike Eisenmann





7/11/1962 , Houston, Texas

Birth Name

Ike Eisenmann



Ike was born in Houston, Texas. His father who was the star of a Sat morning TV show moved the family to California to further his acting career. Ike and his younger brother AL both followed in there fathers foot steps. At the age of 10 Ike got a part in the long running show Gun Smoke this led to other part in commercials and TV shows at age 11 he got his first movie role. The part of Tony in Disney's Escape To Witch Mountain. Its said that after a week of shooting he was offered a 3 year contract with the Disney studios where he appeared in many Disney projects including the sequel Return From Witch Mountain. Throughout the 70s and early 80s he could be seen in many TV shows, Little House on the Prairie, Wonder Woman, CHiP, and The Jefferson's to name a few. Ike also is an accomplished artist and has shown his work in galleries in California.
Although he is retired from on screen acting roles he is still very active in the industry as an additional voice artist and loop group performer. Ike has made a name change to Iake Eissinmann to distinguish the difference between his on screen and off screen performances. Ike has also made his directors debut with a film CO-written by himself and his wife Alex called Single Family Dwelling. Iake and his wife are currently living in California with their dog Scout.