Ike Turner

Ike Turner


11/5/1931, Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA



Birth Name

Ike Wister Turner


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Love him or hate him, Ike Turner's life-story is too wild to be belived had it not been played in the public eye. At the age of six, Ike was molested by an older woman for years. At the age of twenty, Ike created the Rock 'n' Roll…more


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    • Ike: I did a lot of wrong things in my life, and a lot of good things, and I don't regret any of them. The only regret I have -- I made one mistake in my life, during the time I was doing drugs -- I signed a contract with Walt Disney (makers of What's Love Got to Do With It) giving them permission to portray me in this movie any way they wanted, not realizing I was signing away my right to sue them. They totally exaggerated everything she said in the book on the screen, and that sabotaged my career.

    • Ike: Blues men in America, we were outcasts. All of our lives, since I was born, we were outcasts. Before the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds came along --- it had to come from whites in England for America to appreciate what we did.

    • Ike (on his first sexual experience): She used to put me on top of her and show me how to move. Well, today they call it child molesting. To me, I was just having fun.

    • Ike: I got a job driving the elevator in the Alcazar and the radio station was on the second floor. It was very exciting to me, a radio station. I'd run up to the second floor and look through the window at the guy spinning records. He saw me and tole me to come in and showed me how to 'hold a record.' I'd sit there and hold it until the one playing stopped, then I'd turn a knob and the one I was holding would play. Next thing I know, he was going across the street for coffee and leaving me in there alone. I was only eight. That was the beginning of my thing with music.

    • Ike: One of two things happen when you hit a woman. Either she heads for the door or she's all yours.

  • Ike Turner craved fame, and that could have possibly been his downfall.

    Ike Turner was a troubled man. He wanted fame and he saw his ticket through Miss Anna Mae Bullock and that was not nessicarly bad, because she saw her ticket to fame through him. The problem came when they had begun to rise together in fame. He was controlling her like a mad man. He went as far as changing her stage name without her permission to Tina Turner. He thought if they acted like they were married it would create more press and it did, and at one point they really did get married. Ike was addicted to cocaine, and that made him mean, he beat his wife constantly. As there fame rose, so did the beatings and that's when the woman known as Tina fought back. Tina had come to the realization after a long time of being beatten that she didn't need Ike to acheive her fame, and she was right. She didn't need him. After a long time she re-rose to fame, and had the best comeback of all time. She even recieved a star on the walk of fame, without Ike, she had every reason to be proud. Then a little while later Ike got what he wanted, fame, he with Tina recieved a star also, but the most ironic part of that last statement is that Ike could not enjoy his award, no, he was in jail at the time it was recieved, for a Cocaine offence. More recently Ike died alone, of a Cocaine overdose. This is sad, but I am not so sure many people miss him all that much.moreless