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    • Simon Cowell told Katie Couric on Today in 2005 about the second version of the story on how he founded Il Divo. Simon said he was watching an episode of The Sopranos where Carmela was listening to 'Time to say Goodbye' ('Con te Partiro') by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli.

    • Carlos Marin told Canadian Elle during an interview in 2005 about the first version of the story on how the group was formed. According to him, Simon Cowell was watching a performance of The Three Tenors on television and was inspired by the 'popera' genre, to the point where he formed the idea of forming an operatic group.

    • During the time when Romancing the World was written, Il Divo have had a top five album in twenty-five countries, going platinum in the USA, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand as well as Hong Kong, Spain and France.

    • Il Divo, at the time of writing of their biography Romancing the World, have had a number one album in twelve countries and over 4 million records sold.

    • The boys had their first biography published in 2005. The book, Romancing the World, was written by Allegra Rossi.

    • Their song "Regresa A Mi" is a Spanish version of "Un-Break My Heart" By Toni Braxton.

    • Il Divo is founded by the American Idol judge, Simon Cowell.

    • The group name Il Divo translates: 'Divine Male Performer' in Italian.

    • The four members of Il Divo are made up of Carlos Marin, David Miller, Sebastien Izambard, and Urs Buhler.

    • From the album 'Ancora', the boys sang the ballad 'Heroe', which is the Spanish version of Mariah Carey's 'Hero'.

    • Il Divo's latest album, 'Ancora' (2005) featured many of the most well known songs in the history. The song 'Pour que tu M'Aimes Encore' was original sung by Celine Dion in the album 'D'eux', which was written by Jean-Jacques Goldman.

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