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Illich Guardiola



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Illich Gaurdiola, Illich Guardiolo
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Illich Guardiola is a young, talented, and well-known voice actor who currently primarily works for ADV Films. His voice is one of the most famous and recognizable in the anime industry, as his accent is exceedingly exceptional with a very unique origin. He was born in Honduras to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Violence in anime doesn't bother Illich much, because since its not live action, he can say that it's not real.

    • He is a fan of Gantz and Elfen Lied (and is a main voice in the former).

    • He has stated in an interview that he has an eye patch at home, similar to that of the main character's from the anime Samurai Gun.

    • He is a big fan of samurai movies.

    • When asked whether he would like to play the "good guy" or the "bad guy", Illich said that "we all prefer to play the good guy although often bad guys are more interesting and complex'. Ultimately, he deiced that he would prefer to play a good guy who's "kind of a bad boy".

    • Illich's name is pronounced ill-ee-itch, although a good number of people mispronounce it as "itch".

    • He started acting in elementary school and in church plays at that time.

    • He, like most other voice actors, went to school to become an actor first, and then joined the voice acting industry.

    • He receives lots of fan mail for his role in the anime series Saiyuki, including lots of strange items.

    • He currently lives in Texas.

    • He was a guest at one anime convention, "I-Con 2006" in New York.

    • Illich went to school with Monica Rial and Shelley Calene-Black who work for ADV Films.

    • Since he was originally born in Honduras, his first language is Spanish and his second is English. However, he speaks both perfectly.

    • During a commentary for the Saiyuki move, Saiyuki: Requiem, Illich talks about how he received a ticket on the way to do it. He later adds that he was wearing a "'Tough Guys Wear Pink' T-shirt" from Hot Topic when he got it.

    • His accent is Honduran, Russian, Italian, Bostonian, and Texan all blended together.

    • He did the voice of Mordeus in the "Unlimited Saga" video game from Square Enix.

  • Quotes

  • Just going to voice my thoughs on one of his charateres and a few random things

    I have only hread Illich Guardiola's voice as Krad on DNAngel, but I thought he played the part very well. He could probably have used a little more time on the show, but the ending was awesome. On the commentary part of the DNAngel DVD set, he was very entertaining with co-star Greg Ayres. One would say somehthing and the other would sort of play off it. It was very interesting to hear Greg and Illich on the commentary. They talked about the other shows they have done and other things that they did. I had to have laughed the hardest when Illich started to sing "lets get it on" and Greg had talked about some Yaoi fans fainting because of that. Near the end of the last epsoide of DNAngel, a close up of a feather showed and Illich said, "Feathers...its the new black." If you haven't seen the DNAngel DVD's and watched each one wih the commentary, you're missing out.moreless