Imogen Bailey

Imogen Bailey


7/7/1977, Canberra, Australia

Birth Name

Imogen Bailey



Also Known As

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
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Imogen Bailey is an Australian model, actress and singer. She is currently based in Sydney and is best known in her home country for her many appearances in the men's magazines Ralph and FHM. In 2001, Imogen won the title of Australia's sexiest model in Ralph and was…more


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    • Imogen: (on fellow "Celebrity Survivor", Guy Leech) He's the ultimate rival, as far as physical challenges go. He's the epitome of a fantastic Australian athlete. From the beginning, he was desperate to win.

    • Guy Leech: (on fellow "Celebrity Survivor", Imogen) She turned up as a lamb to the slaughter, someone that you couldn't take too seriously as far as the game of Survivor went. She grew up - not as a person, but as a competitor.

    • Justin Melvey: (on fellow "Celebrity Survivor", Imogen) In the first challenge, I wanted to wring her neck because she couldn't get the chest out of the water. Then she changed. She became competitive and very strong.

    • Imogen: (on fellow "Celebrity Survivor", Justin Melvey) He's got a black belt in karate and he was in the Australian ski team, so mentally he's extremely strong as far as competing goes. He's also a bit of a strategist and uses his good looks to charm you.

    • Imogen: (on making the final 3 in "Celebrity Survivor") Dicko was the one who called it. I was Angry Smurf and I was the show's biggest whinger. The way I reacted to that environment at the time was, 'Get me the Hell out of here, please!' And had I not found such a beautiful friendship with Nicolle [Dickson], I don't think I would have gotten that far.

    • Imogen: (on "Celebrity Survivor") I've done some research though. I've tried to work out how to make a shelter, which way the leaves on your shelter should go, techniques to make the water run off them and how to change salt water into drinking water or washing water, should we need it. I just hope I don't end up with dreadlocks because I'd hate to have to shave my head unless it was for a good cause!

    • Imogen: (on "Celebrity Survivor") Board shorts and gym tops were my uniform for the show, and that's why I ended up with a gym-top tan line. Very unattractive!

    • Imogen: (on appearing on Australia's "Celebrity Survivor") I've been training at a fantastic women's gym and have been working with a personal trainer there who's a former Miss Aerobics and bodybuilder!" she laughs. "I think from a determination side of things, I'm also mentally strong. I realise too what a blessing it is to be offered the opportunity to put yourself in those situations.
      I'm not somebody that's normally competitive or bitchy. I really don't like double crossing people or having it done to me though so that's going to be hard. It's something that I've been trying to psych myself into – the fact that if I'm going to win the money for my charity then I need to be serious about having a strategy.

    • Imogen: (on appearing on "Celebrity Survivor") I'm well aware that as contestants we're going to be put under extremely stressful situations and that there's a high possibility we're going to break. I know this is probably going to be the biggest challenge I've faced. I think for anybody put under stress like that though, it's hard to keep it together. You forget the cameras are there but you need to remember at the end of the day, while your isolation becomes your reality, there is a world outside of that and it's all going to be OK!

    • Imogen: (on appearing on Australia's "Celebrity Survivor") I was nervous about my hair and about not having moisturiser, but I came out of it thinking it's amazing how, as a human, you can adapt to almost anything.