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    • Inbar: Think good, speak good, and be good.

    • Inbar: Watch your thoughts. They turn into words, then turn into actions.

    • Inbar: Sometimes, I need to be high off the ground to keep grounded.

    • Inbar: I hike a lot. The view and the air up in the hills are much greater than the hustle and bustle of the city. It makes it all look so silly and small.

    • Inbar: Dream big and love bigger.

    • Inbar: Watch who you have around you, and focus, work hard, and be humble, and try to be good.

    • Inbar: I really don't remember a time when I didn't want to be an actor, and ever since I could remember, I had a really extravagant imagination.

    • Inbar: I've been very passionate about storytelling ever since I was a kid.

    • Inbar: I've been very passionate about storytelling ever since I was a kid.

    • Inbar: If there's a field you're interested in, do some research. If you can, go to school and study it to really understand it from its core.

    • Inbar: Make sure you surround yourself with positive people that will support you and push you forward and won't drag you down or get in your way.

    • Inbar: Be yourself and know you are amazing.

    • Inbar: Stay healthy and balance your mind with other hobbies and arts.

    • Inbar: Surround yourself with good positive people; there is plenty of negativity out there.

    • Inbar: I would say go to school. Study the craft so you are ready for the grueling life on set. Work hard and stay focused, don't get distracted from what really matters.

    • Inbar: (on her character Raviva) Raviva is a lot like me in many ways, she is such a free spirit. She is wiled and unapologetic about who she is and what she stands for. She believes that with hard work and dedication ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN and that's pretty much my moot in life. She is passionate, a good friend and loves life and the people around her.

    • Inbar: (on the Stanislavski's acting technique) I use it everyday on set and off for practice and I am still just in the beginning of my studies. There is so much more to learn and explore, it's fascinating.

    • Inbar: Stanislavski's system is a progression of techniques used to train actors to draw believable emotions to their performances. It's based on the concept of emotional memory for which an actor focuses internally to portray a character's emotions onstage.

    • Inbar: (on her decision to pursue acting after seeing Natalie Portman in the movie The Professional) That was when I decided to go to Hollywood and be an actress in American cinema.

    • Inbar: I've been performing ever since I can remember. I used to put on plays and musicals for my family all the time as a kid. It's all on tape too so if this ever gets out I'm screwed!

    • Inbar: Do not change to fit whatever mold you think Hollywood is looking for.